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By itrogers_dev on February 1, 2017 in LED Lights

At LED Light and Power, we believe people should have options for their lighting needs. This sometimes includes people strangely choosing not to get LED lighting in favor of some other technology, like fluorescent bulbs. While we prefer LED lighting at our light company in Las Vegas, we still try to keep an open mind. Here are four alternative light sources to LED light bulbs.

4 Alternative Light Sources to LED Light Bulbs

CFL bulbs

Condensed fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are the biggest competitor to LED lighting and LED light bulbs. However, theses bulbs have some setbacks. If a CFL bulb breaks in your home, your home could be exposed to mercury. Also, they need to be properly disposed of, meaning they’re great for exercise. The time spent going in and out of home improvement stores to properly dispose of them will get your legs in shape for summer.


Before there were any light bulbs, people relied on candle light to carry out their day. Candles proved most beneficial to the human race. Many cultural and scientific achievements have been made under candle light, such as how homes and offices are surprisingly flammable. Alas, candles emit heat, which may contribute to a higher heating and cooling bill.

The Sun

The big yellow star in the sky can be an excellent alternative light source to LED lighting fixtures. All you have to do is install more windows in your office. Make sure these windows have heat and UV light blockers; otherwise your office’s heating and cooling bill will be outrageous.

Of course, you can also let the sunshine in by cutting a hole in your roof. The sunshine will fill your home with warmth and bright light. But, you’d also need to live in a sunny climate without any birds, rain, snow, or pigeon droppings. Those things can become your mortal enemies fast.

The Moon

The Sun won’t always be up. That’s why when it gets dark, you’ll need to rely on the other major lighting source: the moon. Yes, the moon: the same light source your ancestors and animals alike followed for millennia. Be forewarned: this lighting source is wishy-washy. Every two weeks, the moon’s transitions from full to new will make your lighting source inconsistent. Plan ahead if you’re doing any everyday rituals, like cooking, in your home at night.

In All Seriousness, LED Lighting Rules

To drop all the sarcasm, LED lighting and power are quickly becoming the only option. Not because you can’t use CFL bulbs or the Sun, but because LED lighting and LED lighting fixtures are cheaper, safer, and more cost-effective. Consult LED Light and Power today.

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4 Things You Can Use Instead of LED Lighting - LED Light & Power (2024)
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