The advantages and disadvantages of high pressure sodium lamp and energy-saving lamps (2024)

by:ALLTOP 2021-02-01

High pressure sodium lamp and electrodeless lamp advantages: high pressure sodium lamp and energy-saving lamps, compared the characteristics of short service life, low light efficiency, poor color rendering and low power factor, not hot start, low flux stability, faults, the only advantage is cheap.

high pressure sodium lamp and electrodeless lamp advantages and disadvantages:
high pressure sodium lamp compared with energy-saving lamps, has a short service life, low light efficiency, poor color rendering and low power factor, not hot start, low flux stability, faults, the only advantage is cheap.
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Make heating and cooling more energy efficient
2022 government projects adopt 200W-300W all in one Solar Street LightThe features of this solar street light is an ALL-IN-ONE design. The light engine and battery andsolar panel are built right into the LED fixture. No need for a power source which eliminates theneed for wiring and trenching. Very convenient for installation and long term maintenance.
Things to consider when install LED wall lights for outdoor lightingThere are many advantages of using LED lighting​ have made many people use LED lighting in companies and homes. They save money and have many other benefits.
Do you know small solar power system and how does it works?The small solar power system is composed of a single poly-crystalline solar panel, battery, and photovoltaic controller. When the output power supply is AC 220V or 110V, the inverter is also required. All in all, solar energy system uses the photoelectric effect to directly convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy. It is often used for household lighting and outdoor camping.
Shanghai exhibition
2019 The 11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition
The development of solar photovoltaic powerBotswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. The average altitude is about 1000 meters. Most of the area has a savanna climate, and the west has a desert and semi-desert climate. The average annual temperature is 21℃. The average annual precipitation is 400 mm. lack of water.
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Spring Edition)
InterLumi Panama 2019Exhibition Name:InterLumi Panama 2019 Exhibition Date: 25th -26th July From 13:00pm to 21:00 pm 27th July From 13:00pm to 19:00pm Hall Name:ATLAPA Convention Center Address:ATLAPA Convention Center,Panama City, Panama Exhibitor: Zhongshan Alltop Lighting Co., Ltd. ALLTOP Booth Number: HALL B, T36
What is the cause of led road light failureAs for the street lamp shell, it needs to emit heat. Assuming that the heat dissipation module cannot achieve good heat dissipation, it will lead to the service life and luminous performance of LED street lamps. Now, the serious light failure of LED street lamps is caused by these elements. Another problem is that LED street lamps are used outdoors, which is an element of disturbance to the environment and climate. Therefore, many manufacturers have made certain treatments on the street lamp shell, such as anodic treatment and protection, or spray baking paint, to avoid the corrosion of acid and alkali substances.
uv germicidal lamp
Growing Popularity of LED Street LightingAll sorts of LED lights from LED street light manufacturers have the ability to utilize negligible power as a vitality source to give the most extreme profitability. Consequently by introducing these lights inside or outside might be amazingly advantageous in lessening your power bills.
Solar photovoltaic is a new guarantee for Enterprises
The government program in Africa helps provide solar street lights to communities and village.
Benefits of Considering Solar Street LightsSolar street light has domination over some traditional lighting. Compare to traditional street light, solar's light has some differences and many advantages.
ALLTOP Canton Fair
How much solar panel can meet family electricity?​One square-meter solar power board can generate 150-160W power. About 20 square meters of Pacific Plate can be used for daily use of inverter loss about 80%of the power.
SUDAN CHINA EXHIBITION 2018 ( 10th-13th Mar, 2018)
IN 2014In 2014, due to the company's development, ALLTOP moved to a larger factory of 15,0000 square meters, completely 7 floors building, and technically introduced the research and development, production and sales of extend to intelligent solar street light, AC street light
Do you know small solar power system and how does it works?
Are Solar Wall Lights Waterproof?
Vietnam Exhibition
2016~2015From 2015 to 2016, ALLTOP has more than 60 patents in the lighting field, forming three major categories of solar street lights, household solar lights, and AC LED lights. This is also an important support for ALLTOP to continuously go international and become a leading global lighting system company in technology, scale and brand.
Considerations Before Purchasing Solar Outdoor Flood LightsSolar outdoor flood Lights are the replacement of only one-time installation lights and don't have incurred costs. Before you buy the lights, please read the following article.
ALLTOP lighting system design concept Tailored for the government solar streetlight project. All die-cast aluminum lamps are galvanized and rust-resistant.Complete modular structure design, no wiring, easy replacement of batteries and other partsSupport photovoltaic power generation and utility grid
Advantages of solar street lamp
The development of green and low-carbon industries is a common action to deal with global common problems and promote sustainable developmentThe development of green and low-carbon industries is a common action to deal with global common problems and promote sustainable development
MPPT solar controller and PWM solar controller differenceSolar controller is mainly used for solar off-grid power generation systems, can automatically control multiple solar panels for battery charging equipment, coordinate the efforts of solar panels, battery, load, monitoring, charging status, display panels for battery charging current, voltage, and battery, can effectively prevent the battery overcharge, the function of the meter and the short circuit.
Portable solar power systemToday, when low-carbon life and green environmental protection are advocated, solar energy is undoubtedly the most promising among many new energy sources. The usage of clean energy will bring more cleanliness and convenience to our living environment!
Common Question and solutions of solar street lights
Portable solar power system
What are the requirements for the solar panel mounting hardware bracket of solar street light?
Take me on an easy ride
Why solar street lights?
Panama promotes diversification of its energy mixAbout 81 percent of Panama's total electricity generation will come from renewable sources in 2021, up from less than 5 percent in 2013, Panama's Star newspaper reported. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, Panama has averaged 69 percent of its electricity generation from renewable sources over the past four years, higher than the regional average.
ABOUT OUR SOLAR LED STREET LIGHTThe latest all-in-one solar-led street light arrived, the light engine and battery, and solar panel are built right into the LED fixture.No need for a power source that eliminates the need for wiring and trenching. Our customers like the dimension like 770*238*175cm a little bit more, it’s 200W, perfect for streets, parks, parking lots, school campuses, and so on.
GREEN ENERGY,SOLAR PRODUCTSSolar energy is inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free, and renewable green energy. The use of solar power generation has unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, relative extensiveness and adequacy of energy, long life, and maintenance-free advantages that other conventional energy does not have.
ALLTOP controller
Light+Building 2020
Installing Outdoor Dimmable Led LightsBuying dimmable lamps can help you with imporving your life. And there are some things one needs to do when replacing incandescent lamps with dimmable LED wall lights.
IN 2017In 2017, ALLTOP continued to promote global layoutWe have attended more than 112 overseas exhibitions since the year of 2012 and established a branch office in Kenya in 2017.
How Solar Water Pump Work?
Solar street lamp battery capacity calculation methodpremise :(1) the cycle of a single cell is the most important parameter, life ≧400 times, the current ternary material only pure ternary can reach more than 300 times
ALLTOP All in one solar street light project in Nairobi railway stationZhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD Kenya Branch had a solar street light project in Nairobi railway station, Kenya in this month. This project mainly adopt 0845 series 150W all in one solar street light, “ high efficiency ” and “easy to install” which are the features. For more details, just visit our website for products feature and contact our sales for prices. We give the products with 3 years of warranty.
Uncover These Gorgeous Outdoor Lightning IdeasDecorating the outdoors of your home is a difficult job that requires an eye for detail as well as a lot of planning. Lighting is the crucial factor here because it gives the final touch of the outdoor, and can shape your other decorations into their perfect color and view. If you go online in search for outdoor lighting ideas, you might find that the most common ones are the outdoor solar pillar lights.
Made in China 2017 Exhibition in Qatar
A leading manufacturer of solar lighting systemsHello everyone, we are happy to know that you are visiting our official website here, we are the original factory for outdoor lighting and solar products, if you are interested in them, just ask more questions and contact us on our online shop. We are going to talk about our LED solar streetlights here. They are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed batteries (gel batteries) store electrical energy, and ultra-bright LED lamps are used as light sources, and are controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controllers to replace traditional public power lighting Street lights.
ALLTOP Booth in KigaliConventionCentre,Rwanda
Advantages of solar street lightsSolar energy - is one of the main energy sources for mankind in this century. By 2030, the world's electricity production will rely primarily on solar energy. As an inexhaustible new energy source that does not pollute the environment, solar energy will be everywhere. Solar photovoltaic products are the process of converting the sun into electrical energy under the action of light.
Considerations before Setting up Garden LightingHave you noticed the solar LED lighs in the garden? The garden solar lights are same as others solar lights, it is a kind of module design product. It combines solar panel, LED light, controller, intelligent sensor and environmental-friendly lithium-ion battery into one body. It has gained its popularity for its all-in-one design which allows it to be easily installed in few minutes. What’s more, it needs no wire connected which can save labor cost.
Introduction of solar photovoltaic system
Welcome to our booth in Casablanca Morocco
Why choose an All-in-one solar street light?
LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2018Exhibition Name: LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2018Exhibitor Name: Zhongshan Alltop Lighting Co.,LtdBooth NO.: 1475AExhibition Date: May 8th to 10thAddress: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL USA
Photovoltaic inverter
Thailand Exhibition
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
It is a very nice that the smile is so warm and shinning just like the sunshine. The location is in AfricaIt is very nice that the smile is so warm and shining just like the sunshine. The location is in Africa.
China Trade Week - KenYa 2018Exhibition Name: China Trade Week - KenYa 2018Exhibitor Name:Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO.,LTDBooth Number: 2B5,2C5Exhibition date: June 13th~15th, 2018Address: Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC),Nairobi, Kenya
The development trend of solar energy application in Africa​Energy shortage is a common problem faced by African countries. According to a report jointly issued by the International Energy Agency, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization in 2021, by 2030, there will still be 660 million people in the world without electricity. , most of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa.
5KW solar system injects new vitality into sustainable energy
Q6:What's the Payment terms?A:We could accept pay by TT, LC, Western Union, Trade Assurance, etc. We believe that more kinds of payment terms would be accepted in the future.
How to Choose the Best Solar LED Lights for Your GardenSo you want to buy lamps for your garden! Perhaps, you wish to highlight the elements of your garden. If you don’t know how to choose the best garden solar LED light, here are handy tips that should help out.
Amazing! Attracting Many Fans To The ALLTOP ExhibitionMarch6th-9th 2019, In this trade fair we display our new delveloped solar led light. All of our products achieve breakthrough in appearance, brightness, uniformity, persistence and intelligence etc. area.
Bokamoso Solar plant project in South Africa operational
Why An Outdoor Solar Lamp Is Your Best Choice For Outdoor LightingA solar lamp outdoor​ is charged for 8 to 10 hours during the day. You can then use it to light either your backyard, home garden or even your compound for the whole night, producing a sufficient quantity of light.
Merry Christmas from ALLTOP
The 126th China Import and Export Fair 2019
Solar Street Lights and Greener CityToday, greener energy, greener technology and green living is popular with modern people. And Solar power is a type of green energy, it produced when sunlight is converted into electricity by the use of photovoltaic technology or concentration using mirrors and lenses.
IN 2012In 2012, it was our first time to get access to the online ALIBABA platform. And we have also participated in the Canton Fair, Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition, Thailand Exhibition. Hong Kong Exhibition, Guzhen Lighting Exhibition, and won the national certification and awards.
Turkey Exhibition
How to choose the suitable solar street light
2019~2020ALLTOP has a history of 13 years in the field of solar power utilization and lighting systems. We have brought lighting systems and solar power system to all over the world to illuminate the way home for people from all over the world.
Q4:How many days will samples be finished?And how about the mass production?A:Generally 3-5 days for samples making.The leading time of mass production will depend on the quantity.
Solar PanelNowadays, under the situation that natural resources are less and less, green energy is more and more important, and the relevant products become more and more popular. ALLTOP LIGHTING COMPANY had been aware of this commercial opportunity for years. So we have devoted such solar products over 14 years and have a certain position and reputation in the market.
All About Solar Powered Flood LightsSolar powered flood lights have become the latest advance in technology with more and more people buying for their homes and many other areas.
Solar Street lights are being widely used to light up street, lawns, parks, etc.Solar Street lights are being widely used to light up street, lawns, parks, etc. These solar street lights consume no power from the grid and work solely on the solar power. They also eliminate the need for underground cabling and multiple switching points.
Q3: Do you offer guarantee for the products? How to do if any quality problems on our side in the warranty time?A: Yes, we offer 2-5 years warranty to our products. First, take pictures or videos as proof and send to us.We will solve ASAP.
0911 series Solar street light
Alltop Lighting in Tanzania.
50kW ground distributed off-grid photovoltaic power generation system project
Expo Center Norte(Red and Green Pavilion)
ExpoSolar Colombia 2019Exhibition name: ExpoSolar Colombia 2019Hall name: Plaza Mayor Medellin International Convention and ExhibitionExhibition Date: 11th to 13th, July.Hall and Booth No.: Blue Pavilion 234Address: Cra. 57, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Q2. Is it OK to print my logo on paper card and sticker marks product?A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design .firstly based on our sample.we provide OEM/ODM service.
Oman CHINA EXHIBITION 2018 ( 12th-14th Mar, 2018)
How to Connect Solar Street Light?
IN 2013In 2013, extend our product line with LED outdoor lighting, like LED street lights, floodlights, industrial lights, etc. Participated in various domestic exhibitions and gradually increased multinational exhibitions, with various authoritative certificates.
The FIFA World Cup (FIFA World Cup)The FIFA World Cup (FIFA World Cup), referred to as the "World Cup", is the participation of the World's national teams, symbolizing the highest honor in football, and has the greatest visibility and influence of the football tournament. The World Cup is held every four years. World Cup events in countries likes Argentina, Canada, Qatar, etc.
Q5. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?For bulk order, we usually ship the cargos by sea, and for samples, would be better to ship by air, DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.we suggest to make delivery by air.
The advantages and disadvantages of high pressure sodium lamp and energy-saving lamps (2024)
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