Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (2024)

Check out these free STEM websites for kids: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are designed for grades 6-12, and I have personally used many of these resources to help me get through school! As technology is ruling our society, STEM has been growing over the past few years and computersare more important than ever. STEM websites can help enhance learning!
Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (1)

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Free Science Websites For Grades 6-12

Biology Corner
Fromworksheets to videos, Biology Corner has resources for biology, AP biology, and anatomy. (This is from a secular perspective though)

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a fantastic website that helps break down math and science through videos. If you’re struggling with a certain subject, Khan Academy is a great way

Hippo Campus
Hippo Campusfinds free videos from other sites and compiles them on one simple website. They have 13 categories; including mostly math and science.

Biology Junction
Focused on AP Biology, this site lists free AP Biology resources, from Powerpoint lecturesto study guides.

Chem Tutor
Chemistry can be difficult; but Chem Tutor helps break itdown. It has broken-down sections for the math involved in chemistry, reactions, the Periodic table, and more.

Having trouble with a chemical equation? Enter it in here for instant answers! You can use structure files, systematic names, trade names, registry names, and SMILES.

Chemistry – About is full of resources simple explained for today’s generation. Many of their resources or more textbook-free fun projects exploring some of the more everyday aspects of chemistry, but they do have many chemistry lesson gems.

Welcome to this dynamic periodic table! Click on an element to send you directly to the Wikipedia site. They also have many features so you can show the table with different factors; such as labelled by melting point, boiling point, and more. Plus, it lists a ton of compounds for each element!

Science Notes
I love interactive STEM websites. Like the above link, this site also has an interactive Periodic Table. Plus, it has free, colorful Periodic Tables you can print, and some other fun resources.

Periodic Table
Visual and interactive learner?When you click on each element of the Periodic Table, it leads you to fun images associated with that element, plus has stories and facts to help each element stick.

Periodic Videos
Periodic Videos is great for bringing a visual element to theelements.Once you click on a video with this STEM website, it leads you to a video on that element.

Memrise’s Periodic Table
Memrise is best known for its foreign language resources. It is an app/site that associates each word, or in this case element, with an image. It was co-founded by world memory competitor Ed Cooke, who was featured in the New York Times bestsellerMoonwalking With Einstein.With the method of loci “memory palace” system best known for its use inSherlock, you can mentally file these images to help memorize the Periodic Table in order. Crazy, and it works. With Memrise, I was able to memorize the Periodic Table in a week.

A Guide to Simple Machines Used in Cars
This great guide was suggested by a student reader! From lever to pulleys, learn about the science behind simple machines with these hands-on activities.

Other resources:

Mystery of Matter – in this three-part seriesnarrated by Michael Emerson ofLost andPerson of Interest, this docudrama takes you through the search of the elements, how the Periodic Table came to be, and how each element got their name. Great series I really enjoyed!

Bio Man Biology – learn about biology with this free website game and app! Learn about cells, body systems, and life chemistry.

Science Without a Textbook– explore 30+ ways to teach science without a textbook, in a way students of every learning style can learn how to love science.

Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (2)

Free MathWebsites For Grades 6-12

The Math Page
The Math Page probably saved my life during high school. They offer free courses for algebra, trig, geometry, and precalculus – all broken down with simplified text and visuals.

Purple Math
Written by a woman with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, I’ve always enjoyed the way Purple Math breaks things down. She has resources for5th grade to 12th, college math, and specialized test prep.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is free, and specializes in high-quality videos for upper-level math. The only thing I didn’t really like about Khan Academy, was for some of my upper-level homeschool math, often Khan Academy would explain the basics, but they didn’t have resources for some of the more complex versions! But, Khan Academy is one of the top STEM websites out there.

Algebra Help
Algebra Help is filled with worksheets, lessons, and calculators designed to make a little easier for students to learn. Putting in equationswill give you instant answers, as well asa detailed explanation.

Wolfram Alpha
Type in your question, get instant results for Wolfram Alpha. This is one of my favorite free homeschool math resources!

Select your subject (algebra, trig, precalculus, calculus, etc.) and get instant answers with Mathway’s calculator.

Quick Math
Enter your tricky math formulas into Quick Math for instant answers, as it simplifiesyour equation.

Math Drills
Math Drills has over 50,000 free math worksheets ona huge list of subjects!

Math Warehouse
Math is a key piece of STEM, including coding. Find a variety of free math worksheets for upper-level mathematics.

Kuta Software
Kuta Software has many customizable paidworksheets with their purchase plan, but they also have many helpful free worksheets!

Soft Schools
Soft Schools has mostly elementary level resources, but includes quite a bit of upper-level math worksheets, including some AP prep quizzes.

Ed Helper
Grab theseupper-level math worksheets, mostly designed in a fun game format.

Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (3)

Free Tech Websites for Grades 6-12

eGFI – Dream Up Your Future

eGFI is dedicated to encouraging STEM for grades K-12. They have resources for kids, as well as professionals in a variety of STEM fields.

Code Academy

One of the best STEM websites, Code Academy is an incredible free site that has coding courses. Their coursesincludeHTML and CSS, Ruby, Python, Java Script, jQuery, PHPs, and APIs. is a site designed to teach studentshow to code. Their site has resources, plus gives links to tutorial apps, extra helpful videos, and more.


Whenever I have questions about HTML code, W3schools is normally my #1 source. One of my favorite STEM websites, their site provides coding tutorials mainly for web developers.


I heard about Alice from the bittersweetThe Last Lecture, written by a computer science Carnegie Mellon professor. Alice is educational software that teaches studentscomputerprogramming in a 3D environment. It is a student-led project designed by Carnegie Mellon, and is free.

Khan Academy

If you’re a Khan Academy fan, they also have free computer science resources. Classes include HTML, CSS, SQL, and Java Script.

Code School

Code School has 61 interactive coding courses, and nearly 3000 coding challenges. You can get started for free, but plans are $14-$30 a month. (In addition, they have sales throughout the year.)

Science | How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works can often bring in the practical side of learning. Explore different innovations, and how they’re being used today!

For students interested in aerospace, check out NASA’s websites for rich, picture-heavy resources.


Students from K-12 under 21 (including homeschool students) can enter Toshiba’stechnology contest, ExploraVision, aimed at inventing new technology to help make our world better. Prizes include Toshiba PCs, and four first prize teams will receive a savings bond worth $10,000.

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair is a worldwide online science competition open up to students ages 13-18. The grand prize is $50,000; and they also have other $15,000 scholarships.

Apple’s World Wide DevelopersConference

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (also known as WWDC) is an annual conference that unveil’s Apple’s latest technology. Apple grants scholarships to students worldwide to attend the event. To qualify, you mustsubmit an Apple app that you coded and developed yourself.

Other resources:

Creation Crate – The Creation Crate encouragestechnology and building (engineering) with their monthly “creation crate” science kit.These science kits are unique in that they require a function that uses programming in order to work.

Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (4)

What are your favorite STEM websites?

Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (5)

Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Middle School and High School (2024)


Is STEM learning free? ›

Get involved with over 20,000 educators, supporting and collaborating to improve the outcomes of young people through STEM education. It's completely free!

Which website is best for science students? ›

Popular Science Websites for Students
  • Teachers TryScience. ...
  • HowStuffWorks. ...
  • The Exploratorium. ...
  • Science Toys. ...
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy. ...
  • Science News for Kids. ...
  • BrainPOP. ...
  • Beginner's Guide to Coding.
22 May 2020

What age group is STEM for? ›

Designed for primary school students of ages 6-9. The set challenges students to seek new information to solve problems while constructing more than 60 STEM models.

Does STEM have an app? ›

STEM Subjects

Smart Tales is a richly presented app crammed full of interactive stories that encourage young children to think about technology in a smart way.

Is STEM good for ADHD students? ›

STEM – the acronym for (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), has a highly significant role in assisting with the education of ADHD and dyslexic students struggling in a traditionally oriented classroom environment.


NASA STEM Engagement has developed a series of STEM products and opportunities that provide a platform for students to contribute to NASA's endeavors in exploration and discovery. These mission-driven activities include evidence-based products and opportunities to engage students in authentic STEM experiences.

Can I use Web of Science for free? ›

The powerful combination of Web of Science, Our Research and EndNote Click provides users with access to free full text via a single click.

What is a good science website for kids? ›

National Geographic Kids

This one is a perennial favorite! As part of one of the most celebrated publications in the world, National Geographic Kids continues to encourage fun science learning!

How many girls do STEM subjects? ›

Overall, the percentage of female graduates with core STEM degrees is steadily growing, however, the split is still just 26%. This figure is also translated in the female STEM workforce, with women making up 24%.

Why should girls do STEM? ›

STEM involves thinking critically, logically, and analytically. It also requires approaching problems persistently and creatively. Thus, STEM subjects and activities can teach girls how to think like a scientist. As a result, they are more likely to become better at problem-solving.

How do kids get into STEM? ›

You can keep your child involved in STEM by engaging them in everyday STEM activities like cooking, buying food, building with legos, and more. Do fun experiments, go exploring, and visit museums that encourage your child to learn and grow.

Is STEM expensive? ›

How much is stem cell therapy? According to analysis by BioInformant, the cost of stem cell therapy ranges from less than $5,000 for simple procedures to $25,000 or more for complex ones. In general, stem cell treatment procedures are paid out-of-pocket by patients, because they are not covered by medical insurance.

How much will Stem Player cost? ›

(Again: I'm in my 40s.) West's latest album, Donda 2, the sequel to last year's Donda, can currently only be heard by purchasing a $200 Stem Player, a portable music player–slash–mixing board that West designed with the help of a company called Kano.

How do you do a STEM online? ›

The Best Online STEM Activities for Distance Learning in 2021
  1. Khan Academy. Personalized learning awaits at Khan Academy. ...
  2. NASA. ...
  3. Smithsonian Science Education Center. ...
  4. At-home science projects. ...
  5. National Geographic Kids. ...
  6. PBS Learning Media. ...
  7. Bill Nye the Science Guy. ...
  8. Virtual field trips.

What is STEM anxiety? ›

As a result, many students often struggle with STEM-related anxiety, which manifests as an unease, avoidance, or fear of learning science or math topics. In particular, female STEM students, relative to their male counterparts, are disproportionately affected by higher rates of STEM anxiety.

What are ADHD Stims? ›

Self-stimulatory behavior, often called “stimming,” is when a child or adult repeats specific movements or sounds as a way to self-soothe or remain engaged in a situation, often referred to as “fidget to focus.” Many people assume that only individuals with autism engage in self-stimulatory behaviors.

Are Tourette's and ADHD related? ›

Tourette Syndrome (TS) often occurs with other related conditions (also called co-occurring conditions). These conditions can include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and other behavioral or conduct problems.

Is FBI a STEM? ›

STEM professionals at the FBI have opportunities to work with advanced technologies to address unique investigative and intelligence challenges not found in the private sector. Their expertise applies to forensic science, computer technology, cyber security, electronic surveillance, biometrics, encryption, and more.

Is Lego a STEM? ›

Lego is a popular STEM toy brand that makes some of the most unique and inventive STEM engineering kits on the market. These kits are a natural progression up from the Duplos and Legos younger kids play with.

Why is Elon Musk famous in STEM? ›

Many know him as a businessman who was part of the success of four billion-dollar companies - PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City - but Elon Musk is also an inventor, engineer, and refers to himself as a "technologist." His ideas have influenced our world and inspired many students to explore the future of STEM.

How can I use sci hub for free? ›

Step 01: Find the DOI
  1. You find the DOI by googling for the papers title, clicking one of the links, and somewhere on the page there'll be the DOI. ...
  2. Click the first link, and it should take you to a page with more information on that particular article. ...
  3. Then, go to Sci-Hub and paste it into the search field:
  4. And voilà!

What is the most reliable Science website? ›

  • Ars Technica. Ars Technica offers brainy, geeky coverage of technology and science and how it intersects with our everyday lives, whether we want it to or not. ...
  • Atlas Obscura. ...
  • BBC – Science. ...
  • Chemistry World. ...
  • Futurism. ...
  • Gizmodo. ...
  • National Geographic. ...
  • NPR – Science.
13 Mar 2018

Is PubMed free? ›

PubMed Overview

PubMed is a free resource supporting the search and retrieval of biomedical and life sciences literature with the aim of improving health–both globally and personally. The PubMed database contains more than 34 million citations and abstracts of biomedical literature.

What is the safest website for kids? ›

Kid-Safe Browsers and Search Sites
  • KidInfo. age 6+ ...
  • Kiddle. age 8+ ...
  • Zilladog. age 8+ ...
  • FactMonster. age 9+ ...
  • DuckDuckGo. age 10+ ...
  • age 10+ ...
  • SweetSearch. age 13+ Student search engine gives kids credible, relevant results. ...
  • Google Scholar. age 15+ Google scores with scholarly search engine.

Is there a kid friendly browser? ›

Best Child Safe Browsers Available Now
  • Pikluk Web Browser. Pikluk is a kids' web browser that gives control of content to parents. ...
  • Kidoz Web Browser. ...
  • ZAC Web Browser. ...
  • KidzSearch Web Browser. ...
  • Kidzui Web Browser. ...
  • Maxthon Kid-Safe Web Browser. ...
  • KidSurf Web Browser. ...
  • KidSplorer Web Browser.
9 Apr 2020

Which app is free for study? ›

Evernote (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web)

Evernote is another great study app for students for note-taking. It is supported by almost all devices and you can handwrite notes in it and clip articles, books, and pictures into the note. One of the great things about it supports word files, PDF, and powerpoints as well.

Which app is best for online study free? ›

The 5 Best Apps for Free Online Courses
  1. Khan Academy. 3 Images. Close. Khan Academy is a non-profit that aims to "provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere," and it certainly delivers on that promise. ...
  2. eDX. 3 Images. Close. ...
  3. Coursera. 3 Images. Close. ...
  4. Udemy. 3 Images. Close. ...
  5. Alison. 3 Images. Close.
31 Aug 2022

Which is the best online study app in world? ›

13 Top Quality Educational Apps
  • BYJU's Learning. BYJU's Learning is an India-based online learning app. ...
  • Udemy. Currently, in the online educational apps market, Udemy is definitely in the top 2 due to its variety of courses. ...
  • Khan Academy. ...
  • edX. ...
  • Coursera. ...
  • Duolingo. ...
  • Skillshare. ...
  • LightBot.
23 Aug 2022

What is the hardest subject in STEM? ›

Engineering was overwhelmingly considered to be the biggest culprit, with 76pc of respondents naming it as 'a man's world'. Computers and technology was the next area considered in this field, though it still trailed far behind engineering at less than 17pc.

How many girls are in STEM? ›

The Research Science Institute (RSI), the most prestigious summer STEM program for high school students, reports that female students will outnumber male students for the first time in 2022, representing 55% of accepted U.S. students, up from 22% in 1984.

Which gender is better at science? ›

Males outperform females on most measures of visuospatial abilities, which have been implicated as contributing to sex differences on standardized exams in mathematics and science.

How many girls lose interest in STEM? ›

60% of women opt out of STEM careers by the time they attend college | EAB.

Is STEM female or male? ›

Many scholars and policymakers have noted that the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have remained predominantly male with historically low participation among women since the origins of these fields in the 18th century during the Age of Enlightenment.

Why do girls lose interest in STEM? ›

The reasons range from peer pressure, to a lack of role models and support from parents as well as teachers, to a general misperception of what STEM careers look like in the real world. But the research also points to ways to better support girls and young women in STEM.

How do you get into STEM without a STEM? ›

Even if you do not want to pursue a bachelor's degree, there are many STEM career options for you.
STEM jobs that don't require a four-year degree
  1. Veterinary assistant. ...
  2. Electronic assembler. ...
  3. Nursing assistant. ...
  4. Pharmacy technician. ...
  5. Computer user support specialist.
1 Mar 2021

Is it too late to join STEM? ›

Absolutely not. You can do it. I know many who have done it even later in life and say it was one of the best decision of their lives. There are plenty of jobs in STEM so you don't have to worry about employment after you finish your degree.

Do boys do better in STEM subjects? ›

Research shows that girls and women are equally capable of learning and working successfully in STEM roles as boys and men.

What country has the best STEM? ›

1. South Korea: 32 percent STEM degrees – South Korea has had fewer STEM degrees in recent years but they are still far ahead of all other countries. 2. Germany: 31 percent STEM degrees – Germany has the third largest amount of graduates at approximately 10,000, despite their small population.

Do STEM students earn more? ›

Computer science majors may eventually make up to $102,000, while chemical engineers may earn a salary of up to $100,000. According to the American Engineering Association, STEM graduates earn about 87% more than non-STEM graduates.

Is Stem Player waterproof? ›

The exterior is coated with a soft silicone blended skin, with an anti-static, oleophobic coating (that means it resists water, but there's no claim about the device being entirely waterproof.) This device has 4 touch-sensitive light sliders – that you'll see in the preview video below.

Does Kanye own STEM? ›

The Stem Player is an audio remix device and music streaming platform developed by British technology company Kano Computing in collaboration with American artist Kanye West.
Stem Player.
Also known asDonda Stem Player
DeveloperKano Computing Kanye West
TypeDigital media player
Release date2021
Introductory priceUS$200
4 more rows

How many stem players did Kanye sell? ›

Therefore, for Ye's claim of $2 million-plus revenues from the Stem Player in those three days – Thursday through Saturday – to stand up, it must also be true that the star sold around 10,000 units of the device in that timeframe.

Are STEM games free? ›

Smithsonian STEM games

Smithsonian provides a variety of free online STEM games, and almost all kids are eligible to play them as they cater for the needs of kids ranging from kindergarten children to middle school students.

How much is STEM education? ›

Although degree costs in most STEM fields range between $65,000 and $80,000, engineering degree costs are significantly higher.

Is STEM worth it? ›

STEM education at the elementary or high school level is definitely worth it because of the cumulative nature of STEM subjects. A grounding in STEM subjects offers a broader array of career choices for developing personalities than an education in purely non-STEM subjects.

Are STEM ambassadors free? ›

You can request a STEM Ambassador to deliver a new activity or support an existing one. They visit schools / colleges or host visits at their place of work, and deliver a wide range of activities, completely free of charge.

How do I get my child into STEM? ›

You can keep your child involved in STEM by engaging them in everyday STEM activities like cooking, buying food, building with legos, and more. Do fun experiments, go exploring, and visit museums that encourage your child to learn and grow.

How many hours do STEM students study? ›

Research suggests that students should spend approximately 2-3 hours, per credit hour, studying in order to be successful in their courses. STEM classes often require 3-4 hours, per credit hour, of studying to be successful. Think about how you normally study. Where do you study?

Do you need math for STEM? ›


Particularly important is being prepared to start in at least College Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus (science majors) or Calculus I (engineering majors).

What is the hardest in STEM? ›

Interestingly, despite being considered the most difficult STEM subject to study, maths was not considered 'a man's world'. 56pc of those who responded feel that students choose their third-level courses based on their own interests and passion.

Are there any negatives of STEM? ›

STEM suffers from a lack of uniform curriculum.

The biggest issue plaguing STEM education at large is the lack of uniform guidelines for what students should learn or what qualifications teachers require for hiring. Every program at every STEM school is different.

What is STEM gift? ›

Enter, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toys. From toy rocket launchers to robot-building kits, these toys can help teach kids valuable science and math skills — and most of the time they have so much fun with them, they don't even realize they're learning!

How do I get a STEM Ambassador badge? ›

For STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors who have volunteered for 15 hours or more in an academic year will receive a STEM Certificate to recognise and celebrate their dedication to inspiring young people.

What is a STEM bursary? ›

The STEM Bursary scheme is open to individuals wishing to undertake a one-year secondary PGDE course leading to the award of registered teacher status in the hardest-to-fill STEM subjects.

How can I participate in STEM? ›

Additional Options
  1. Join a local chapter of a STEM-related club, like FIRST Robotics, or start your own!
  2. Enter a science, math, or engineering competition. Competitions are offered by schools, districts, counties, and even most states.
  3. Reach out to a mentor. ...
  4. Ask a teacher or librarian. ...
  5. Find a training program.

How do you get a girl to join STEM? ›

3 Ways to Excite and Encourage Girls in STEM in Your Classroom
  1. Pique Their Interest. A Microsoft survey found that even though girls in Europe were interested in STEM subjects around age 11, their interests waned around age 15. ...
  2. Extend Learning Opportunities. ...
  3. Create Engaging Lessons.

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