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  • Zander Insurance only sells term life insurance policies
  • Term life insurance doesn’t last for your entire life
  • You can shop for whole or universal life insurance policies online

If you were to conduct an internet search for “term life insurance Dave Ramsey,” you will have most likely stumbled upon Zander Insurance. Famed author and radio host Dave Ramsey’s insurance tips have inspired many consumers to purchase life insurance through this enterprising company, but is Zander Insurance, the right company for you?

Free Zander Insurance reviews, like this one, can help you find an insurance company that is best suited to your needs. Keep reading this Zander Insurance review to learn more about this company and the life insurance coverage it has to offer you.

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What is Zander Insurance?

Founded in 1925, Zander Insurance is an independent insurance agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. Independent agencies collaborate with multiple insurance companies. Zander Insurance representatives will provide you with quotes from various major insurance companies that include:

  • Pacific Life
  • Prudential
  • The Hartford
  • Travelers
  • Chubb
  • MetLife
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Nationwide
  • Kemper

This long-standing insurance agency also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a Dave Ramsey term life insurance endorsement. Unfortunately, sample life insurance rates aren’t available on Zander Insurance’s website, but you can use the free quote tool to learn how much you may pay for a policy.

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What life insurance does Zander Insurance offer?

Although Zander Insurance has partnerships with multiple life insurance companies, it doesn’t offer too much variety in the way of life insurance policies. You can only purchase a term life insurance policy through Zander Insurance. If you are interested in learning about some of the other products Zander Insurance offers, like home, auto, or health insurance, you can call 1-855-609-8922 to speak to a Zander representative.

Who should buy Zander term life insurance?

If you’re trying to find the best life insurance for stay-at-home parents or insurance that can fit within a tight budget, you may be interested in a term life insurance policy.

Term life insurance tends to be very inexpensive, allowing individuals to purchase substantial coverage for very little. Rates are influenced by a variety of factors, though, as you can see here:

Average Monthly Term Life Insurance Rates for a 30-Year-Old, Non-Smoker Male

Coverage Amount10-Year Term Length Average Monthly Rates20-Year Term Length Average Monthly Rates30-Year Term Length Average Monthly Rates

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What is exciting about Zander Insurance’s services is that the agency will bring you term life insurance quotes from multiple companies so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible while remaining within your budget.

Remember that term life insurance won’t last forever. You can typically choose when the policy ends, but when it does, be aware that you will no longer have any life insurance coverage.

Are the other types of life insurance products on the market?

If you don’t think term life insurance best suits your goals or coverage needs, you can look into other life insurance types, like whole life insurance or universal life insurance. These policies operate differently than term life insurance, so let’s take a closer look at each policy type so you can determine which is the best fit for your coverage needs.

Whole Life Insurance

A popular form of insurance, whole life policies will remain active for your entire life as long as your payments are made in a timely fashion. Most whole life insurance policies also accrue cash value, and this cash value is yours to use as you see fit. For example, you can withdraw the cash value to help buy a house or even start a business.

Be aware that whole life insurance costs more than term life insurance. If you’re curious about the affordability of a whole life insurance policy, you can examine sample whole life insurance rates here:

Average Monthly Whole Life Insurance Rates by Age & Gender for Non-Smokers

Policyholder AgeRates for Male with $100,000 CoverageRates for Female with $100,000 CoverageRates for Male with $250,000 CoverageRates for Female with $250,000 CoverageRates for Male with $500,000 CoverageRates for Female with $500,000 Coverage

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As you can see, whole life insurance may cost more than a term life insurance policy through Zander Insurance, but these types of policies do come with extra benefits, like cash value and life-long coverage.

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Universal Life Insurance

Another type of life insurance product you can investigate if you are eager to increase the value of your policy is universal life insurance. Universal life insurance products are typically tied to a specific stock market index. While your death benefit is guaranteed by most life insurance policies, the rate at which you gain cash value is controlled by the index’s performance.

Individuals who aren’t sure if a universal life insurance policy is the best choice for them can use this data table to review the benefits and shortcomings of such a policy:

Pros and Cons of Traditional Variable and Variable Universal Life Insurance

Type of Life InsuranceProsCons
Traditional VariableTax-deferred income
Potential for higher return than whole life
Permanent life insurance (does not expire)
Death benefit can be increased as cash value grows
Can borrow or withdraw from the cash value
May be used to supplement retirement and other deposit accounts
Guaranteed death benefit
Riskier than whole life
Lower interest than other long term investments
Higher premiums than term life
Borrowing lowers the death benefit
Management and investment fees may affect cash value
May not have guaranteed rate of return, or it may be low
Cash value often isn't equal to surrender value for 10 - 15 years
Regulated investments can translate into higher hidden fees
Poor performance may lower the death benefit
Fewer investment choices offered than variable universal
Variable UniversalTax-deferred income
Potential for higher return
Can borrow or withdraw from cash value
More investment possibilities than traditional variable
Can voluntarily fund the account early to build the cash value
Can use the cash value to pay premiums
May be used to supplement retirement and other deposit accounts
Flexible premiums and death benefits
Governed by securities law
Combines life insurance with income growth
Lower interest than many long term investments
Difficult to manage investments
More risky than whole life and traditional variable
Subject to fluctuations in value based on market volatility
Higher premiums than term life
Borrowing lowers the death benefit
Higher premiums when investments are not performing
High surrender fees

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You can also shop online to get free universal life insurance quotes and compare them side by side to verify that you are making the best choice for your coverage needs.

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Zander Term Life Insurance: The Bottom Line

Zander Life Insurance can save you time and energy by searching through a plethora of insurance quotes to find the best ones for you. However, while this illustrious agency has a Dave Ramsey life insurance endorsement, it only provides term life insurance policies. Therefore, if you want a policy that can grow cash value or provide coverage for your entire life, it will behoove you to shop online for a whole or universal life insurance policy.

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