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What is the Warwick Model?What are the elements of the Warwick Model?

The Warwick Model is a Human Resource Management (HRM) Model that maps the connection between the external and environmental factors and explores how HRM adapts to changes in these factors.

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More specifically, the Warwick model identifies and classifies important environmental influences affecting HRM. It recognizes that business strategy and HRM are affected by external and internal factors. These supply the Contextand Content in which HRM takes place.

The value of this model is identification and classification of these factors. HRM practice is most effective when taking account of these factors and facilitating alignment where possible.

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The Warwick Model was developed by Hendry and Pettigrew, researchers at Warwick University.


What are the elements of the Warwick Model?

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The elements (and sub-elements) of the Warwick Model are as follows:

  • Outer Context (macro environmental forces)
    • Socio-Economic
    • Technical
    • Political-Legal
    • Competitive
  • Inner Context (firm specific or micro environmental forces)
    • Culture
    • Structure
    • Politics/Leadership
    • Task-Technology
    • Business Outputs
  • Business Strategy Context
    • Objectives
    • Product Market
    • Strategy and Tactics
  • HRM Context
    • Role
    • Definition
    • Organization
    • HR Outputs
  • HRM Content
    • HR Flows
    • Work Systems
    • Reward Systems
    • Employee Relations


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