Tuition and Financial Aid (2024)

2023-24 TUITION & FEES

Tuition per credit hour

Tuition per course

Total Program Cost (11 courses)

Graduate Program Specific - Additional Fees

  • Technology Fee (1-6 hours): $21
  • Technology Fee (7+ hours): $42
  • Library Fee (1-6 hours): $27.50
  • Library Fee 7+ hours): $55

Additional Information

  • You can approximately allocate $150 per course for books and supplies.
  • Please note that tuition is subject to annual changes. Tuition and fee schedules are the responsibility of the University Bursar. Any information published by the University Bursar overrides any information published on the VT-MIT website. All questions about tuition costs, payment, deadlines, penalties, refunds, or student accounts should be addressed to the Bursar's office.
  • All VT-MIT courses are 3-credit hour courses. All VT-MIT students (whether resident, non-resident, or foreign nationals) pay the same tuition rate. See thepayment instructionsfor more information on when and how to pay. Additional late fees apply to students who exceed the payment deadlines.
  • Full or partial refunds are only given if students withdraw from a course within specific time periods. Please see theUniversity Bursar Refund Policyfor explanations and refund period dates.
  • Software is often required for MIT courses. For information or details on how to purchase, please visit here.


Several funding sources may be available to you as you consider how you will finance your graduate education.


Only students who are admitted as regular or provisional-status students qualify for federal financial aid.Students must be enrolled in at least five credits (two VT-MIT courses) in a semester to qualify.

The University Scholarships and Financial Aidoffice can provide further information regarding federal loans. The first step to receiving federal funds is to complete and submit theFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Contact the University Scholarships and Financial Aid Office directly with additional questions: Students also have the option of pursuing loans from private lenders.

Please Note: If you are applying for federal financial aid, you must either include your social security number on the application, or send a notarized letter to the graduate school with your social security number.


Eligible new students are encouraged to apply to the MIT scholarship program. The program is open to students whose enrollment contributes to the diverse composition of the VT-MIT program and field of information technology. Read more details about the scholarship here.

We have also compiled a brief list of external scholarship opportunitieshere. This list is not exhaustive, but is meant to give you a sense of what types of scholarships are available and which keywords or terms may be helpful in guiding your own scholarship research.

Entry TermPriority Application DueStandard Application DueClasses Start
Summr 2024March 15April 15May 20, 2024
Fall 2024June 15July 15August 26, 2024
Spring 2025November 15December 15January 21, 2025


Many VT-MIT students receive full or partial educational benefits from their employers. Check with the HR department of your company, agency, or government office for your specific benefits. Then please coordinate with the University Bursar for payment details.

Please keep in mind:

  • Third party payer through the University Bursar is available if your employer agrees to pay at time of course registration.
  • Employer reimbursem*nt directly to you after the course is completed is common. The VT-MIT program office can provide documentation needed to show course, grade, etc. per semester.
  • Federal guidelines currently exclude up to $5,250 of educational assistance received from your taxable income. Be sure to understand tax implications for any benefit you may receive.

The Office of Veteran Serviceshas provided thesetipson how to start the process to receive your military tuition benefits. For more information regarding military benefits, please contact Virginia Tech's Office of Veteran Services:

Office of Veteran Services Hillcrest Hall
385 W Campus Dr. Suite 111
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Please know tuition and fees that are both mandatory and assessed prior to student’s attendance are certifiable by schools. Moreover, permissible mandatory charges are those assessed by a school (other than tuition) and are necessary for the pursuit of an approved program of education are the same amount for all students (GI Bill and Non-GI Bill). Please contact the Office of Veteran Services for more information.


As an employee of Virginia Tech, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursem*nt, perUniversity Policy 4800: Tuition Assistance and Reimbursem*nt Program for Salaried Employees. This may be up to twelve (12) credits per year and the benefit may have tax implications. The VT-MIT program office works loosely with the Office of the Bursar and the Division of Human Resources to ensure the Virginia Tech employee is supported in the process of applying for and receiving the benefit, but employees should be prepared to speak with their supervisor, department, and other relevant parties about receiving the benefit.

Tuition and Financial Aid (2024)
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