Pop Up Camper Remodel (2024)

A camper should be comfy just like a home away from home. Have you purchased an old camper and you need ideas for its revamp? There are many ways in which you can remodel your camper. You can also do a partial makeover on a budget. For a complete overhaul, you can plan the color scheme and other accessories beforehand. The first step is to draw a plan with a pencil. Then create a mood board. And then go for the final purchases. If you need some ideas for inspiration, there here are some remodels.


A 1997 Starcraft Popup Camper Remodel

A Used Pop Up Camper Trailer Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel (1)

The before picture shows two chunky counters. Maroon curtains and a lack of life. The makeover is stylish and functional. Peel & stick vinyl tiles cover the floor. They look like real wood.

In the makeover, the box right next to the entrance door is no more there. A solid countertop replaces the sink. The fridge has a fresh coat of paint. In the earlier version, the beds had leather-wrapped mattresses. Now they have super comfy bedding.

The benches now have leather seats. A pull-out table is there between the banquettes. A fuzzy rug on the floor makes it comfier.

A Stylish Pop Up Camper Under $200

Pop Up Camper Remodel (2)

As soon as you enter this camper, there are breezy vibes. The pale aqua shade along with whites make it look summery and cozy. The cabinets are all painted in powder blue color. The bed has white bedding and cushions with monochrome prints. The curtains are gray with white stripes. White countertops and a white table also join in. The floor has faux wood vinyl tiles. There is a wicker basket that adds a beach feel. The breezy design of this camper gives an illusion of a broader space than it actually is.

A Gray and White Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel (3)

This pop-up camper is kept simple. The main focus is on comfort and functionality. As you can see, the beds have gray and white bedding. The benches also have charcoal gray cushions. Each seat has storage drawers underneath. There are lots of pillows with simple covers. A black bistro table is in between the two benches. The opposite side has a three-sided seat with storage. For lighting, there are black barn style pendant lamps. Small details such as a lamp, a plant, a vintage clock, and baskets can also be seen. The floor has faux wood planks. A printed rug covers some parts of it.

Pop Up Camper Remodel (4)

This pop-up camper has a lot of storage. The cabinet has drawers and shelves which can store different objects. A sink is also there.

A Cozy Pop Up Camper Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel (5)

The first glimpse inside this pop-up camper trailer reveals a sophisticated mixture of patterns. They are all in balance. The curtains have a gray print over white. The partitioning curtains for the beds are white. Both the beds have foliage bedding. The seats next to the first bed have gray cushions. A black table with plants on top sits in between them. The cabinets also have a new refaced look.

Pop Up Camper Remodel (6)

The second bed has cabinets and a sink next to it. On the opposite side, there is another cabinet for storage next to the second bed.

A Vintage Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel (7)

This camper is decorated in vintage style. As you can see, there are valances vintage in design. Other patterns are also giving a blast from the past. The floor has got vinyl peel & stick planks. By now you must have got an idea vinyl planks are a popular choice for camper floors.

A Chic Revamp

Pop Up Camper Remodel (8)

The makeover of this camper looks cute. There are white curtains all over the trailer. The beds have plaid bedding. The floor is laminate. There are two footstools in this camper too. Who would have thought to include these in a camper? The first one is a knitted cover stool. The second one is a log slice stool. Both add a rustic shabby chic feel to this camper. There are some handmade details too in this camper. A plant hangs over the first bed in a macrame planter sling. The second bed has fairy lights wrapping its window. Two small rug mats also grace the floor. There is a brass lamp with white shade on the counter. Wicker baskets make this trailer charming. We also love the cubby shelves at the side of the banquet right next to the entrance.

A Green Pop Up Camper

Pop Up Camper Remodel (9)

This makeover feels so refreshing due to the use of green color. There is a teal valance near the ceiling of the camper. The same fabric is wrapping the backrests of the U-shaped bench. The curtains are printed in an olive green shade. It is on the backrests of the dining nook benches too. The cabinets are white. They have pale green countertops. The beds have white bedding. The white is creating a balance with the green.

An Inviting Makeover

A Coral and Blue Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel (10)

This camper has lots of cute DIY projects. The projects look like costly store-bought items. The first thing that steals the spotlight is the rustic table. The camper owner built it with wood planks. A burlap table runner spruces up the table. There is a coral-colored industrial pendant lamp above the table. This lamp is created with a patio lantern, bulb hardware, and burlap. The coral pendant lamp creates a pop of color. The benches have chevron blue and white back cushions. The seat cushions have solid powder blue fabric covers.

Pop Up Camper Remodel (11)

Both the beds have pale gray bedding. Coral curtains with lace ties divide the beds and add privacy. One bed has a blue nightstand too perched on top of the cabinet. The curtains at the sides are gray. The floor has vinyl planks. Rugs in blue and coral prints complete the decor.

A Simple Fixer-Upper Coleman Pop Up Camper Transformation

Pop Up Camper Remodel (12)

The bedding in this camper is white and blue. The seat covers are in the reverse colors. The curtains have a chic pattern in a pale gray color. The dinette has a table cover with tassels. The floor has faux wood planks. The pop-up camper looks homey. Nothing fancy too is there. Some plants are adding freshness. If you do such a makeover, there is a plus point. You won’t have to spend a lot to get a cozy camper. Just choose the prints that you liked, and that’s all.

A Gray Camper with Pops of Color

Pop Up Camper Remodel (13)

The curtains in this camper are gray. A valance in chevron print is also adding coziness. One bed next to the sink and cabinets has turquoise bedding. The second bed has gray bedding. Next to it, there is a dining nook. The dining nook seats have a cheerful chrysanthemum pattern in coral, turquoise, and gray color. The dinette table is charcoal gray. A turquoise table runner and a vase of coral flowers accent it. The floor has dark faux wood panels.

A Spruced Up Pop Up Camper

Pop Up Camper Remodel (14)

This camper has retro fabric covers on the dinette bench seats. The countertops are spiced up with faux marble contact paper. The first bed has blue bedding that is used in the place of a master bedroom. The second bed has pink bedding for kids. The dining nook has a couch in front of it with floral cushion covers. The cabinets have white paint. The beds and windows have gray curtains. The dining table also has a marble contact paper tabletop. The floor is covered with vinyl panels.

A Creative Refurbishment Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel (15)

This camper is aesthetically quite pleasing. The beds have comfy bedding. Printed curtains add privacy to them. The seat cushions are all wrapped in teal fabric covers. Plastic drawer units are used as storage in this camper. The cabinets are still the same with refreshed stain. Instead of valance like in most camper, this one has fairy lights. Small accessories are also placed on the countertops. The windows have white curtains. The floor is covered in faux tiles. A rug in coral and white adds more charm. Instead of revamping the cabinets to boost storage, we like the idea of using plastic drawers. This will save you a lot of money. As plastic drawers cost far less than new cabinets.

A Colorful Renovation Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel (16)

This camper is decorated with cheer. The beds have multicolor bedding. Chevron curtains in white and blue divide the beds. Pom-pom garlands hang at the headboard of the beds. There is a coral plastic drawer unit next to one bed. It serves as a nightstand. The other bed has a counter next to it. There is a metal rack above the bar that provides storage. The fridge door has chalkboard paint. It has a sign saying, the mountains are calling. The bench seats have navy blue seat cushions and printed backrests. Throw pillows in coral and blue color, make them comfier. Right next to the entrance door, there is a pocket shoe organizer. This organizer holds a lot of things. The camper windows have light blue curtains that add a soothing feel.

A Navy BluePop Up Camper Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel (17)

This camper has a warm feel to it. All the cabinets and drawers are painted navy blue. The seats have brown leather covers. The brown leather is in harmony with the warm faux wood floor. To balance the warm and dark tones, the beds have white bedding. White curtains and a white rug also add further appeal.

A Nordic Glamper

Pop Up Camper Remodel (18)

This camper in Nordic style is mostly white. There are hints of monochrome patterns punctuating it. The dining nook also has a faux monochrome tile floor. There are some handmade items too, such as a macrame planter hanger, and a woven basket pendant light. There is a Turkish rug on the floor. There are some hints of brass as well. They are quite subtle and blend with the white beautifully. The curtains of this glamper are all white.

An Artistic Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel (19)

Let’s say you want a minimalist makeover. Then you can paint the cabinets. Add new countertops. Refresh the floor and then do something artistic. Such as this dining table that is spiced up with paint. You can paint any pattern you like. You can use a stencil as well.

A Camper with Space for Everything


This one is a small camper. But even in the small space, you can see there is everything. You can spot storage, a bed, a sink, a fridge, cabinets, and a dining nook. White and gray bedding dress the bed. Peach and gray pillows are added to the bed. The dining nook has a gray bench. The table is covered in navy and white chevron contact paper. There is a panel of faux white subway tiles on the platform of the bed. The cabinets are gray with a wood countertop. The floor has vinyl panels. The curtains are with nautical stripes. For extra storage, there is a drawer unit on top of the cabinet counter. Behind the sink, there is a pocket organizer for storage.

A BluePop Up Camper Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel (20)

The cabinets and panels of this camper are blue. The curtains are in a light shade of the same blue. The bed has white bedding and deep blue throw pillows. The seat has gray cushion covers. The countertop and dinette table are covered with marble contact paper. A rug with blue and white chevron adorns the vinyl plank floor.

A Stylish Pop Up Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel (21)

This camper has shades of blue in contrast with white. The dividing curtains in front of the beds are turquoise. The seat covers of the dining area and the couch are cobalt blue. The countertops of this camper are covered in marble contact paper. A string of light bulbs gives it an outdoorsy feel. It seems like this camper is a part of a well-decorated patio. The use of fresh plants makes this pop-up camper even more pleasing. The cabinets are painted white. The curtains on the windows are white. The floor is covered in dark wood vinyl planks.

We hope you enjoyed these remodels. Thank you for staying with us. Stay tuned for even more exciting posts in the future.

Pop Up Camper Remodel (2024)
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