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Does your farming business need a Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution? It is a legislative requirement that businesses employing up to 20 people use a Single Touch Payroll and SuperStream solution.

Pay Per Employee, Per Month

Rural businesses often operate with a fluctuating, seasonal work force, so with Phoenix, you’ll only pay for active employees.

($8 per active employee per month)

ATO Compliant

STP allows you to automatically and securely report payroll information.

SuperStream is the way businesses must pay employee superannuation guarantee contributions to super funds.

Employee Portal & Mobile App

Your employees can maintain their personal details, submit leave, timesheets, expenses and more through their own portal, accessible via a mobile app.

Agricultural Payroll Made Easy

Streamlined Time Sheets

Recording employee start, finish and break times has never been so easy with the employee mobile app.

Shearing and Piece Rates

Custom shearing and piece rates offer employers the flexibility to pay employees on an output basis instead of an hourly rate.

ATO Compliance

Save time and guarantee compliance by automating super payments, ATO reporting, leave calculations, termination calculations and notifications.

Payroll Support

Chat to a real person over the phone or via email when you need help setting up and sorting out your payroll business.

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Payroll Software for your Farm

Employee Mobile App

Save the time and hassle of chasing up details by allowing your employees to maintain their personal details, submit leave, timesheets and expenses through the WorkZone App.

Automate Award Calculations

Ensure your payroll is Fair Work compliant by removing manual salary rate calculations, allowances and leave accruals.

Payslip Templates

Create Fair Work compliant payslips that can be easily accessed and customised.

Super Contributions

Automate and report on super contributions to adhere to strict ATO requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, onlyFinancial Pro for the current Desktop Subscription and Phoenix Live.

$8 per active employee per month, regardless of how many times they are paid in that month. (On top of your normal Phoenix Subscription).

An employee will be considered ‘active’ when at least one of the following actions has been completed for that employee during a calendar month:

  • Included in a finalised pay run (even if that pay run is subsequently unlocked)
  • Has had an approved leave request
  • Has had an approved expense request
  • Has had a published roster shift
  • Has had an approved timesheet

If you are paying a monthly Phoenix Subscription the Payroll charges will be applied to the following month’s fee.

If you are paying an annual Phoenix Subscription, you will need to supply Credit Card details for monthly billing of any payroll charges. On the anniversary of your annual subscriptions, you will be encouraged to move to monthly payments.

Casual workers on flexible hours are handled with Timesheets – either from the WorkZone App on their device, or manually.

Yes, you will be able to change any mistakes you’ve made.

  • Seamless Integration with Phoenix Financial Pro,
  • Simplified Billing – it gets added to your existing subscription,
  • Familiar support provided by the friendly staff at AGDATA,
  • Inbuilt Pastoral Award Conditions to make it easy to pay staff correctly.

Yes, you can. You will need to send a support ticket to the KeyPay team highlighting that you would like to move your account to Phoenix Payroll Software and the team will action this request – this process is instantaneous although the request needs to come from your ‘Admin’ user on the KeyPay account.

Yes, WorkZone is an extension of the Employee Self Service portal, free to download on iOS and Android which will make it easy for your employees to submit their timesheets, claim expenses and apply for leave etc.

Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly only. This is done to align with the ATO Tax Tables.

You will have the ability to report via your current super clearing house or you can automate your super payments with Phoenix Payroll Software.

Yes. If you have automatic payments coming out of the bank you can continue that way & Phoenix Payroll can handle the processing of the pay run, payslips & STP compliance.

Payroll Reports

Detailed Activity Report

Shows individual employees earnings, including Hours Worked, Gross Earnings, Taxable Earnings, PAYG, Super and Net Earnings.

Employee Payment History

A breakdown of the employee payment history that predominantly shows the taxable and net earnings each Pay Run and for which Pay Category.

Gross to Net Report

A breakdown of the Pay Categories used.

Leave Balances

Shows employees accrued leave at a specified date. Displayed in hours and dollars, as well as any loading that may apply.

PAYG Withholding

Shows Gross, Tax Exempt, and Taxable earnings as well as Pre-Tax Deductions and PAYG withheld amounts within a Date Range.

Super Contributions

Shows the contribution amount and type in regards to Super within a given date range.

Employee Details Report

Add tags in the Display Columns to see different information attached to an employee within payroll.

Leave History

Details the leave accrued and taken in each Pay Run within a date range.

Single Touch Payroll

This is where Pay Events are lodged and recorded, and Finalisation Events are lodged to the ATO.

Tax File Declaration

Shows any employees with an un-lodged tax file number, in which you can lodge them all to the ATO electronically in one go.


Thank you for your support today. It is great to have the Jobkeeper payments sorted. I love the payroll system, especially the superannuation.

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Dianna MartinJamestown, SA

Recently we've moved into paying wages and the timesheet and STP is amazingly efficient. The software has grown so much to make bookkeeping so much easier and time efficient. I have had experience with other financial and timesheet reporting programs in other businesses I have been involved with, but Phoenix is so comprehensive that we won't be moving away from this suite of tools.

Payroll - AGDATA Australia (5)

Cameron Livestock & Bulk Haulage Pty LtdOrion, QLD

Payroll has become a challenge recently with the changes in STP and I did find it daunting as I had never used a payroll program previously. Not used to these changes, having an integrated payroll program with Phoenix makes everything stress free and simplified. As the old saying goes, time is money and being able to run reports as quickly as possible as per request from the accountant is what I love the most about Px. There are a range of different reports available all within several clicks of a button. Also, the fill function, genius, another super time saver!

Payroll - AGDATA Australia (6)

CJ & JR HicksRubyvale, QLD



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