Parking Policies | Villanova University (2024)

All students must comply withall Parking Regulations. All students must contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 on behalf of themselves with questions during office hours or email

Parking Registration

All permit registration must be completed on the Parking Portal. The Parking Department utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology in all lots for permit validation and enforcement. License plate information must be entered accurately, and the vehicle must be parked with the license plate facing the drive lane.

The permit charge is a processing fee and is not reflective of usage. The charge is billed to the student account through the Bursar. Returns must be made within 7 days of purchase or when ordered ahead of the semester by the end of the first week of the semester. Any return credit is issued to the student account through the Bursar.

The I-1 Garage gate system utilizes a permit decal which must be permanently affixed to the vehicle. After ordering, I-1 Commuter or I-1 Resident Permits they will be available for pickup inside the Ithan garage. Registration details including sales dates and pickup instructions will be updated on the Student Parking Registration page.

Parking is limited, and availability is based on peak operating hours including allotting space for visitors. Ineligible resident students should not bring their vehicles to campus. Eligible students are not allowed to park without a permit. Students cannot use the visitor pay as you go system in the I-1 Garage as a substitute to getting a permit or in addition to a permit for another lot.

Resident Students

It is the policy of Villanova University that only junior and senior resident students are eligible to register for a parking permit andpark their vehicle in the assignedUniversity parking lot. Using the Parking Portal, students must register their own vehicle, or a vehicle owned by a member of their household. Proof of Ownership is required during registration. Eligible students cannot register the vehicle of an ineligible student. This is considered fraud and a violation. Both the eligible student and the ineligible student violating this policy will receive a fine, lose parking privileges, and be reported to the Dean of Students.

Ineligiblestudents are not tobring their vehicles to campus, use the visitor pay as you go system in the I-1 Garage, or park in the residential areas surrounding Villanova University. This practice causes difficulties for local homeowners and local township police. Students are encouraged to utilize alternative transportation methods in order to reduce traffic congestion. Exceptions to this policy must be reviewed by the Parking Director. Medical or Internship Exception Applications must be accompanied with documentation confirming the location and schedule. Please review the Parking Exception Application for details. Important: DO NOT bring a vehicle to campus prior to learning the outcome of the application.

Students are responsible for ensuring their guests and visitors observe all University regulations. All students guest visiting campus are required to park and pay in the I-1 Garage during 7am-7pm Monday through Friday. From 7pm to 7am and weekends, the following lots are considered 'open' lots: I-2, L-2, and S-5. Although a pass or permit is not required, all other Parking Regulations must be observed including Fire Zones, blocking dumpsters or trafficways. Guests are financially responsible for any violation fees, however, students with guests that continue to violate Parking Regulations will be reported to the Dean of Students.

Commuter Students

All Commuting students are eligible to register for a parking permit. Certain undergraduates will be offered different parking lots based on major course classroom locations. Most commuters will be offered the I-1 Garage; however, availability in all lots is limited, and alternative lots will be offered once the maximum number of permits have been sold for a lot.

Commuter studentsare offered all day permits which are valid for day, evening, and weekend scheduled classes. Evening students who only take classes starting after 5pm on weekdays, can register for the Evening permit instead. Due to the reduced volume of parking after 5pm on weekdays, this permit is valid for an inner campus lot. The Evening permit is also valid on the weekends.

Commuter student vehicles cannot be left overnight or stored on campus. For University approved trips, please have the department sponsoring the trip contact the Parking Department if extended parking is needed.

Please remember to check the Campus Map before registering on the Parking Portal, and register early while your desired lot is still available.

Electric Vehicles

All Commuter Electric Vehicles can now use the new ChargePoint Charging Stations with a valid permit for the I-1 or S-4 Garage. You will need a ChargePoint account to pay for usage. ChargePoint usage and details are on the Electric Charging Vehicles page.

All Resident Electric Vehicles can now use the new ChargePoint Charging Stations in the I-1 or S-4 Garage. Please contact the Parking Office prior to ordering a permit.

Motorcycles and Motorbikes

Only those students eligible to purchase a parking permit for a vehicle may register a motorcycle instead. The motorcycle will be registered for their assigned permitted lot. Parking a motorcycle in another lot is permissible, so long as, it is not using a parking space and is not in violation, such as a Fire Zone, blocking a dumpster or sidewalks. No motorcycle or motorbike may be parked inside a building. Violations will result in towing at the owner’s expense, in addition to a fine. Miniature electric or gas-powered motorcycles are not permitted on the campus. Please contact the Parking Office for additional information.

ADA Parking

All Villanova Parking Lots provide ADA spaces for individuals with ADA documentation. Valid State issued placards or plates must be displayed to park in ADA spaces. Additionally, the mobility shuttle is available for students with disabilities or injuries that prevent them from using the On-Campus Shuttle. Please contact the Parking Office to discuss using these services or for necessary accommodations.

Citations and Appeals

Villanova University Parking Lots are private. Use of the Parking Lots, permitted or not permitted, subjects you to the Parking Regulations and the enforcement of those regulations. Enforcement can include any of the following: citations, escalations fees, damages, immobilization, towing, revoking parking privileges, and/or reported to the Dean of Students. Please review the Violations and Penalties page for more details.

Students are responsible for any violation fees incurredincluding damages resulting from vehicle operations. Payments and Appeals can be made through the Parking Portal within 10 business days of the citation issue date. The Appeals Committee is a volunteer group and more details about the process is available on the Parking Appeals page. All appeals must be submitted through the Parking Portal. Once a decision has been made, students will be emailed, and all decisions are final. Citations unpaid and not appealed through the parking portal will transfer to the student account through the Bursar. Use the Bursar Payment Methods to avoid holds, service fees, or other escalations.

In addition to fines, the Parking Director can revoke privileges and/or report a student to the Dean of Students for the following, but not limited to: fraudulent registration, excessive number of citations, damages, or confrontation with an enforcement officer or attendant.

Immobilization (Booting) and Towing

Any motor vehicle operated or parked on campus which is in violation of parking regulations may be immobilized. The owner of the vehicle must report to Public Safety to fill out the Boot Removal Form and make payment arrangements. Vehicles of ineligible students or non-affiliated individuals must be removed from the Villanova campus immediately or by assigned date approved by the Parking Director. Vehicles immobilized pursuant to these regulations will be charged $100.00 as well as $15.00 per day for each 24-hour period the booting device is left on the vehicle. Operators of vehicles that have been immobilized should not attempt to move their vehicle, since this may cause damage to the vehicle. Vehicles that have been immobilized may also be removed from campus at the discretion of the Parking Office.

For a towed vehicle, the owner of the vehicle must contact Public Safety. The owner will be provided the tow company information. The owner is responsible for all tow fees. The vehicle is not to return to campus without prior authorization from the Parking Director.

Shuttle and Transportation Services

For your convenience the Department of Public Safety offers several free shuttle services. The On-Campus Shuttle stops are designated by signage at various locations throughout campus. After the On-Campus Shuttle stops running, the Nova Van On Demand service is offered for late night safety transports. The Off-Campus Shuttles are available for resident students to access local shops, restaurants, and entertainment locations as well as for commuting students to travel to and from campus. Early and late express stops are available for the commuter students residing at The Villa's in Bryn Mawr. The Mobility Shuttle is available to students with disabilities or injuries preventing them from using the On-Campus Shuttle. For further information on shuttles services or schedules, please review the Shuttle Information page.

Villanova University is conveniently located along multiple public transportation routes serviced by SEPTA. Passes for SEPTA can be purchased at the Paoli/Thorndale station. SEPTA Airport line is approximately 25-minute ridefrom campus. Resident Freshman and Sophom*ores are expected to utilize the campus shuttle service, car share (Zipcar) program, ride shares, and/or public transportation for any off-campus appointments, errands, and activities. Please review the Transportations Options page for more details.

Parking Policies | Villanova University (2024)
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