O Chi Massage Spa - Lakeland, FL 33809 - Services and Reviews (2024)

4.5 – 35 reviews • Massage spa

O Chi Massage Spa - Lakeland, FL 33809 - Services and Reviews (1)

Located In: Lakeland Square Mall


Friday11 AM–8 PM
Saturday11 AM–8 PM
Sunday12–6 PM
Monday11 AM–8 PM
Tuesday11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–8 PM
Thursday11 AM–8 PM

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Address: 3800 US Hwy 98 N STE 590, Lakeland, FL 33809

Phone: (626) 202-9973


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Dom Pellegrini

This place is not a gimmick mall kiosk massage stop. The gentleman who work here know what they are doing and are very good at it. I originally came in with lower back pain and just wanted a quick chair massage. One of the two gentleman asked me how long and told me to sit right down. No questions of focus area which concerned me at first. However, it was quickly clear he had extensive experience. He made light pressure movement around my back and neck and almost immediately went to work on my problem areas without any guidance. The end result was a significant reduction in pain and increase in mobility. I highly recommend O Chi Massage Spa.

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Rachel Marie

Took my daughter to get a massage with me. We came as walk ins and got right in.not your typical relaxing spa massage. More practical. Will drop back in again!

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I was having tightness in my shoulders and neck. I used to travel to Tampa for a chair massage but I was in too much pain to travel there. I searched for something closer and found a new go to for relief. The prices are on point and worth every minute. Very professional. Please don’t get upset when there is a wait. Again it is worth it.

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samuel mondragon

Like any Chinese buffet. Only that this is a little expensive.

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Christina O’Brien

I don’t normally do “reviews” but I feel like I have to spread the word! I went to O Chi Massage in Lakeland Square Mall today and had a wonderful and unique experience. I pretty much walked in. I called earlier and they asked what time, said ok and then bye haha. I don’t know the older man’s name but he was sitting there and greeted me. The store is glass front but I saw curtains and figured ok. I’m used to spas, which I’m usually uncomfortable in as well, with the low lights and music and oils and scents and skin to skin contact. Nope. Lay down, face down, fully clothed and he placed a sheet over me. I was slightly uncomfortable but when he started [after no paperwork and really no questions at all] I was IN UTOPIA. It was like he was reading my mind. Knew exactly what areas needed more attention. You hear people walk by and come in, kids crying, etc. But believe me when I say this has been the best massage ever. I’ve been to a chiro, small business, big business. This did the job. And that’s all I needed. I wanted a massage, I got a massage. And left there able to turn my head again, knots I’ve had forever are barely palpable by me. I usually get a massage when my daily pain becomes unbearable. Kinda like a reset. And usually by the time I get dressed I’m tense and feel like nothing happened and I always figure it’s because I didn’t drink enough water or didn’t relax or something. Here I am 8 hours later and feel fantastic. If you want an amazing end result, I highly recommend.

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Scott Jones

Good massage but we had to wait for an hour and a half. Very friendly staff.

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Jessica Ritchie

The massage I received last week and this week were perfect! Also got reflexology done as well. All 3 of the masseuses are phenomenal. Makes clothes shopping bearable.

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Mason Rockett

Positive:Professionalism,QualityLong time customer, easily the best massage around. Great prices, great service. Absolutely love this place!

Long time customer, easily the best massage around. Great prices, great service. Absolutely love this place!

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Mad Red Fishing Charters Of Tampa Bay

Best massage I have had

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Got a gift card for Valentine’s day for this place and I went to use it and they refused to take my gift card claimed the new owner would not except it. Money spent for nothing and they kept my money no refund or any service provided. Super mad

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Fab. Beauty

Mickey’s Barber shop

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O Chi Massage Spa - Lakeland, FL 33809 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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