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Learn About Buying a Truck Camper

Truck campers are compact, self-contained living units that mount onto the bed of a pickup truck. Shop online or visit a Camping World dealer near you to find truck campers for sale.

Is a Truck Bed Camper Right for You?

Before exploring truck campers for sale, consider the following:

  • Truck Compatibility: Assess your truck's payload, towing capacity, bed dimensions, tailgate opening, and cab height to determine if a truck bed camper is the right fit or if a pop-up truck camper or another kind of camper might be a better option.
  • Intended Use: Determine whether you'll use your camper for short getaways or longer journeys. That'll help you search for the right size and features. For example, you might want amenities like a bathroom or a feature-filled kitchen if you plan to take longer trips.
  • New vs. Used: Decide whether a new or used truck bed camper aligns better with your financial situation and preferences.

Financing Your Truck Camper

The cost of a truck camper can vary widely depending on factors such as size, brand, features, age, and condition. On the lower end, you might find used truck campers for around $5,000 to $10,000. Newer and more feature-rich models can range from $15,000 to $50,000 or even higher for premium models with luxury amenities.

Keep the following financing tips in mind as you consider truck campers for sale:

  • Credit and Rates: Your credit score affects your interest rate. A higher score means a lower rate.
  • Loan Terms: Balance monthly payments with the loan's length. Longer terms mean lower payments but more interest.
  • Total Cost: Consider your overall loan cost, including principal and interest.
  • Budget Planning: Ensure monthly payments fit your budget, accounting for all camper-related expenses like fuel and maintenance costs.
  • RV-Specific Financing: Explore lenders specializing in RV loans for tailored terms.

Why Buy a Truck Camper?

There are several advantages of a truck camper that may make it a better choice for your family than a travel trailer or fifth wheel.

The compact size allows you to navigate narrow roads and find unique camping spots, all while having the comfort of a cozy home on wheels. They're also easier to store in your garage or driveway when not in use.

Truck campers are a cost-effective way to combine transportation and accommodation, saving on separate hotel stays and restaurant expenses. Like a toy hauler, truck campers also allow you to tow a trailer behind your truck, so long as your vehicle can handle the load!

Rest assured: opting for a used truck camper instead of a new camper does not mean sacrificing quality. In fact, you may be able to access a wider range of features and amenities that might have been unaffordable when buying new. Plus, many of Camping World's used campers include a Certified Clean Seal to assure cleanliness and quality.

Whether you're a solo adventurer or a family looking for bonding experiences in the great outdoors, a truck bed camper provides the ideal blend of convenience, comfort, and connection to nature.

Shopping Tips for Truck Campers

Before buying a truck camper, keep these shopping tips in mind:

  • Thoroughly inspect for water damage, rust, and structural soundness.
  • Check appliances, plumbing, and electrical components to confirm they are in proper working condition.
  • Confirm the camper fits your truck in terms of size and weight capacity.
  • Research the camper's maintenance history, records, and potential recalls.
  • Consider the camper's layout, amenities, and storage to match your needs.
  • Explore online forums and user reviews for insights into common issues and the camper's reputation.

Ideal for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, truck bed campers combine the flexibility of a travel trailer with the convenience of a vehicle. This makes them a smart choice for anyone seeking affordable and versatile travel options.

Ready to hit the road on your next trip? Let us help you get there! Camping World's team of RV experts is ready to help you find your perfect match at the right price. Visit your nearest dealership location in person or browse our online inventory of new and used slide-in and pop-up truck campers from the convenience of your home.


Are truck campers worth it?

At first glance, truck campers might appear lackluster or way too small, leading many potential RVers to pass them over when looking for a new travel trailer. These first looks can be deceiving, as many slide-in and pop-up truck campers actually include space for large kitchenettes and full-size queen beds. Four season truck campers also offer superior maneuverability, allowing you to go basically anywhere a pickup truck can go and make tight turns much easier than larger travel trailers or motorhomes. The advantages of a pickup truck camper are many, you just have to see them. With a lower price point, slide-in truck campers allow you to do more while spending less, making it a great option for adventure seekers on a budget. Check out our complete guide to truck camper camping and start your adventure.

What should I look for when inspecting a used truck camper?

During inspection, focus on identifying any signs of water damage, thoroughly checking the camper's structural integrity, ensuring all appliances are functional, and assessing the overall condition, including the exterior and interior components.

How do I determine if a truck camper is compatible with my truck?

To ensure compatibility, check the manufacturer's specifications for weight limits and bed size requirements. Calculate the camper's weight and compare it with your truck's towing capacity or payload capacity. This will help you determine if your truck can safely carry the camper.

What's the average lifespan of a truck camper?

The lifespan of a truck camper can vary widely based on factors like usage, maintenance, and build quality. Generally, well-maintained campers can last for decades. However, some components might require periodic replacements or repairs over time.

Are there common maintenance issues I should be aware of?

Common maintenance concerns for truck campers include addressing potential plumbing leaks, electrical system malfunctions, and wear on seals that might lead to leaks. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance can help mitigate these issues.

Can I customize or modify a truck camper to better suit my needs?

Yes, you can customize many truck campers to fit your specific preferences and needs. Adding features like solar panels, extra storage solutions, upgraded appliances, or even adjusting the interior layout are common modifications. Just ensure any changes adhere to safety and structural considerations.

New or Used Truck camper rvs Dealer homepage Pinellas park florida RVs for Sale (2024)
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