NBA 2K23 Basketball Trivia Answers Guide (2024)

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NBA 2K23 Basketball Trivia Answers Guide (1)

At the end of NBA 2K23‘s main story players complete a trivia sequence during The Classic. This trivia sequence tasks you with answering three questions from a couple of old head NBA fans. Completing this quest unlocks the daily quest known as Basketball Trivia.. To answer these questions we’ve put together the NBA 2K23 Basketball Trivia answers guide below.

All Herschel and Edgar Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers in 2K23

Edgar and Herschel are two older gentlemen playing chess by The Classic court in The City. These fellows are fans of basketball and basketball history. Once you’ve completed The Classic questline you unlock the daily quest called Basketball Trivia. Basketball Trivia tasks players with solving a set of three historical basketball questions from the duo. The answers to the question asked by Edgar and Herschel are located below.

Basketball Trivia 1

1How many championships did Bill Russell win?11
2So tell me, which team has lost the most NBA Championships?Lakers
3Which player was taken number one overall in the 1998 NBA Draft?Michael Olowokandi

Basketball Trivia 2

1Who was known as “the Hick from French Lick”?Larry Bird
2Which player — an all-time great — has a standing invitation to come to my house for dinner in addition to having won the most NBA MVP awards?Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
3What I want to know is, which two players have won the most Olympic Gold Medals in Basketball?Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi

Basketball Trivia 3

1Which player has recorded the most triple-doubles in NBA history?Russell Westbrook
2The film “White Men Can’t Jump” featured games played at which West Coast streetball court?Venice Beach
3Streetball legend Earl Manigault was better known as what?The Goat

Basketball Trivia 4

1Which NBA player famously electrified Rucker Park back in 2002?Kobe Bryant
2Which NBA and ABA legend retired with the highest shooting percentage in league history?Artis Gilmore
3Who won the very first NBA basketball game?New York Knicks

Basketball Trivia 5

1The team that some people refer to as the Oklahoma City Thunder were originally known by what name?Seattle Supersonics
2Who was known as the Clown Prince of the Harlem Globetrotters?Meadowlark Lemon
3Rudy Gobert, Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw have something in common. They were all born in France. Which other prominent player shares that country of birth?Dominique Wilkins

Basketball Trivia 6

1What team broke the all-time regular season win total record that was previously held by the Chicago Bulls?Warriors
2Which baller was the all-time leading points scorer in the men’s college game?Pete Maravich
3So which team averaged the most points per game in NCAA history?Loyola Marymount

Basketball Trivia 7

1The 1992 US Men’s Olympic Gold Medal winning squad was known by what nickname?The Dream Team
2In the early days of basketball, when the men were men and the hoops were wood, what were basketball players referred to?Cagers
3Which absolute legend of the game took home the first WNBA MVP award?Cynthia Cooper

Basketball Trivia 8

1In what New York neighborhood would you find the famous Rucker Park court?Harlem
2Which San Antonio Spurs legend was nicknamed “The Admiral”?David Robinson
3Who was this prophetic player who brought the jump shot to the NBA?Joe Fulks

Basketball Trivia 9

1What former NBA Commissioner is the championship trophy currently named after?Larry O’Brien
2What would Celtics coach of great renown Red Auerbach do every time he felt victory was assured?Light a cigar
3Which team selected Kawhi Leonard in the 2011 NBA Draft?Pacers

Basketball Trivia 10

1The iconic ball used by the ABA featured which color scheme?Red, White, and Blue
2Okay, most people love the trey. But what year was the three-pointer introduced to the NBA?1979
3In the early days of basketball, who got the ball when it went out of bounds?First to get to it

Once you answer the three questions asked by the duo you will complete the daily challenge. For completing it you receive a mix of MVP Points, NBA points, and some VC. Not a bad reward for a fairly short sequence. Be sure to check each day to see if the Basketball Trivia daily quest is live for more questions.


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NBA 2K23 Basketball Trivia Answers Guide (2)


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NBA 2K23 Basketball Trivia Answers Guide (2024)
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