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Decoding emojis can sometimes feel like reading a foreign language. For example, does the smiling face emoji mean something dramatically different from the angel face emoji?

And what about less-obvious ones, like the monkey emoji or purple heart emoji? How do you figure out what it all means?

On the one hand, you might automatically assume his emojis are either romantic or flirtatious. Emojis, in that form, almost represent artwork, and he’s using them as a way to convey that he has deep feelings for you.

But another part of you might wonder if he’s just being friendly or snarky. With so many people casually sharing emojis, how do you determine his motives just through text messages?

How a guy texts can be revealing when it comes to his intentions. So, it’s important to know what emojis they use when they love (or really like) someone.

Here’s how to tell what it all means:

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends 😘?

The kiss emoji almost always means the same thing: he’s flirting with you! He likes you, and he’s being really direct and upfront about it. At the same time, he’s being more romantic than sexual.

A kissing emoji can also insinuate that he wants to make you feel better (“I hope your day goes well today😘”) or that he really values you as a person (“I had such a great time with you last weekend😘”).

😘 Meaning From a Guy Friend

If you get the kissy face emoji from a guy friend, pay attention! He’s more than likely flirting with you. People don’t just randomly use the kiss mark emoji to be friendly.

Several kissy face emojis imply even more flirtatious behavior (“Hoping your day goes well😘😘😘”). He may be too nervous to tell you how he really feels.

What Does 🥰 Mean From a Guy?

The heart-faced emoji can be used as a way to express romantic affection. It’s almost a clear sign that a guy likes you (so if you’re currently just friends, pay attention).

A guy may use this when he starts experiencing deeper feelings (“I really like getting to know you🥰”) or when he’s trying to express romantic affection (“I just love you so much! 🥰”).

What Does 😚 Mean From a Guy?

The blowing kiss emoji tends to have a playful theme to it (“just thinking about how much fun we had together this weekend😚”).

If he sends it to you, he’s being compassionate without being over the top. His virtual kiss may also be a sign that he cares about you and is sending you good wishes (“you’re going to crush it tonight!😚”).

What Is the Difference Between 😘 and 😚?

These two emojis look similar, but they have different meanings. The kissy face emoji with the heart is more romantic and flirtatious. A guy wouldn’t send it to you if he didn’t have true feelings for you.

The blowing kiss emoji may be a bit more playful. While a guy might use it when he’s flirting, he might also use it with other family or friends.

What Does The Heart Emoji ❤️ Mean?

The red heart emoji is a sign of love and connection. At times, it can reinforce that there is a deeper meaning in your relationship (“I love you always❤️”).

Other times, it may just be a simple reminder of how much he cares about you (“Getting you your favorite donut right now❤️”).

He may substitute the red heart emoji for other colors and use the green, yellow, blue, or purple heart. But keep in mind that red coincides most with romance.

😁 Meaning From a Guy

The big smiley face emoji can mean anything! It may be flirtatious (“I had a great time with you last night!😁).

It may also just signify that he’s happy (“I am literally eating the best pizza of my life right now.

So happy😁”). Regardless, his smiling face shows that he’s in a good mood.

🥵 Meaning From a Guy

The sweating and hot emoji can mean a few different things. First, he might use it when he is literally hot (“It’s a million degrees outside🥵).

But he might also use it to compliment how attractive you are (“Look at how good those jeans look on you🥵🥵🥵!”

😇 Meaning From a Guy

If a guy sends you the angel emoji, he’s probably being playful with you (“I did the dishes 😇”). Or, he might also be acting sarcastically (“I won’t even try to hold your hand 😇 “).

🤩 Meaning From a Guy

The star-eyed emoji can mean that he’s feeling enamored by you (“I can’t believe you actually went out with me last night🤩”).

But it can also mean that he’s simply feeling enamored by anything (“My new jacket arrived🤩🤩🤩”). Basically, it insinuates a sense of enthusiasm and is a more heightened version of other smiley faces.

🤭 Meaning From a Guy

The blushing face emoji (with the hand in front of the mouth) suggests that he’s flirting with you.

It also implies that you need to “guess” his intentions (“I’m not going to tell you who I like🤭”).

🤪 Meaning From a Guy

The silly face emoji shows his playful, silly side. He might use it when he’s joking around with you (“I don’t know what you’re talking about- I’m totally innocent here🤪”).

What Does 🙃 Mean From a Guy

The upside-down smiling face may be used in various contexts. It could be a form of flirting (“Thinking of you🙃”). It could also be a way to express humor or sarcasm (“I got yelled at by my boss all morning.

Great day so far!🙃”). If he often sends an upside-down face, he feels safe being himself and being silly with you. It’s just another form of a cheesy grin.

🥲 Meaning From a Guy

The crying smiley emoji can seem a bit confusing. Is he happy or sad? As it turns out, it can be both.

But it often signifies feelings of nostalgia (“looking through old pictures of us- we were so young!🥲”), gratitude, or a sense of something being bittersweet.

(“That was so sweet of you to text my grandma today🥲 She really loves you”)

🤞🏽 Meaning From a Guy

The crossed-finger emoji is fairly universal for wishing you (or him) good luck (“I’ll be thinking of you during your interview🤞🏽).

Keep in mind that a casual friend might send this text without any romantic connotations.

It might be romantic if it’s paired with a more suggestive emoji like a winking face, kissing face, or heart eyes emoji.

🤧 Meaning From a Guy

The sick emoji tends to be relatively literal and straightforward. He doesn’t feel well, but he probably wants you to comfort him (“Woke up feeling terrible🤧.”). This text doesn’t imply flirty behavior.

But remember that your guy loves when you take care of him.

🤣 Meaning From a Guy

The crying laughter emoji is almost always a good sign! He either thinks you said something funny (“That’s good!🤣”), or he’s recounting a funny event with you (“She loved the costume that I wore 🤣”).

That said, it’s a common emoji used among most friends and family, so don’t necessarily assume he’s being flirty.

🥴 Meaning From a Guy

The lopsided “drunk” emoji can also take on a couple of different meanings. He may use it when he feels embarrassed over something (“I can’t believe you saw how messy my room was🥴”).

Or he might use it when he wants attention (“I’m bored. What are you up to?🥴”).

🧐 Meaning From a Guy

The “hmm” emoji usually means that a guy is curious about something. That curiosity could be about anything. He might be asking you an important question (Who are you voting for in this next election?🧐”).

It might also be a way to gauge your feelings about him (“What do you think about taking things to the next level🧐 🧐 “).

🥱 Meaning From a Guy

The yawning emoji means that he’s bored or tired (or feeling both emotions at the same time). A guy sends this emoji when he wants you to know how mundane something in his life is (“another four hours of work🥱”).

😍 Meaning From a Guy

The heart-shaped eyes emoji typically insinuates some form of affection or love (“I just opened the gift you got me!😍”). It’s one of those emojis guys use when they feel really connected with someone (“You make me so happy😍😍😍”).

If he sends the heart eyes emoji often, that’s one of the biggest signs that he’s into you!

😳 Meaning From a Guy

The surprised face emoji often means that he’s currently processing some type of information (“my sister just got engaged!😳”). It could also mean that he doesn’t like a certain outcome (“Failed my test😳”).

🥺 Meaning From a Guy

The adorable face may be used when he’s trying to be affectionate or share warm feelings with you.

He may send it along with a cute image or memory of the two of you together (“This picture of us is my favorite🥺”).

He might also send it as a way to thank you (“I love the cookies you made me🥺🥺”).

😗 Meaning From a Guy

The relieved face and winky kissy face emoji send two messages in one: He likes what’s happening, and he wants more (“The way you looked last night blew my mind😗”).

He may even just send it as a single text in response to a picture you send.

😴 Meaning From a Guy

No shocker! This emoji means he’s tired! It can also signal that he’s about to go to sleep and will no longer be texting you (“Gotta wrap this up😴”).

😏 Meaning From a Guy

The smirk emoji is one of the most popular emojis guys use when they flirt (“just thinking about what we’re going to do later😏”).

In most cases, there’s an inherent sexual undertone with this specific emoji. It’s just like a guy might use a smirk face in real life!

🤗 Meaning From a Guy

The hugging face emoji implies some form of affection and compassion. It may be romantic (“I love you so much 🤗”, but it can also be platonic (“I’m here if you need someone to talk to!”🤗).

☺️ Meaning From a Guy

The blushing emoji can mean that he feels smitten over you. It’s a version of smiling eyes, and it shows that he cares about your relationship (“I made the bed for you☺️”).

However, some guys might just use it to be friendly (“On my way☺️”). If he uses other emojis (like the double-heart emoji or winking emoji) along with this one, that’s a clearer sign of romantic love.

🎭 Meaning From a Guy

The drama face emoji usually signifies that something dramatic is happening in his life (“my parents are having dinner with me tonight🎭”).

He’s likely insinuating that he anticipates some tension or problems.

💋 Meaning From a Guy

The kiss mark emoji is a tangible and visual way for him to express warm feelings of romantic affection. It’s one of the emojis guys send when they care about someone (“You’re the best 💋”).

🥳 Meaning From a Guy

The cheers emoji can take on a few different meanings. He may be trying to celebrate something with you (“congrats on the new job! 🥳).

But he might also use it sarcastically (“just spending my entire day doing chores 🥳🥳🥳🥳”).

😉 Meaning From a Guy

Just like in real life, the winky face almost always tends to be flirtatious (“Thinking of you right now😉”).

It can also be sexual (“What are you wearing when I see you😉”). A guy friend wouldn’t send this to you if he wasn’t trying to take things to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Emojis can mean anything from deep affection to seductive flirting. But, chances are, if a guy loves (or really likes you), his motives will be relatively obvious.

It never hurts to ask if you don’t know why he sent a particular text! Some guys have different patterns when it comes to sending flirty emojis.

But you have a right to know what’s happening in your love life, and you shouldn’t have to guess the hidden meanings behind his messages or emojis.

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