How to Sell PowerPoint Presentations Online (2024)

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Everyone who is passionate about making stunning PowerPoint presentations can start making money by selling ready-made templates. Are you one of those creatives? Let’s see how to sell PowerPoint presentations online and generate more income from every design.

As an excellent visual accompaniment of any performance, a multimedia presentation should be primarily informative and memorable. The information should be presented in the most visible and convincing form. It is vital to combine fonts, colors, images, and even audio-visual materials to meet the target audience's needs and expectations. Therefore, slides can never be general: they must accurately reflect the audience's style and adapt to specific goals. Overall, it means a painstaking work in Microsoft PowerPoint, and that is when developers of Powerpoint templates come in to offer ready-made solutions. As an author of Powerpoint templates, you will learn where and how to sell Powerpoint presentations online to get the most.

Okay, you have decided to build and sell Powerpoint templates, but what to start from? What design trends to follow? What marketplace to choose? How to increase your profit? Let’s explore the options and cover these critical questions to understand the whole process better.

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How to Sell Powerpoint Presentations Effectively - Stick to Design Trends

Marketers, analysts, and designers study user behavior to make digital products more efficient, faster, and better. Design is a harmonious combination of practical and aesthetic, useful and expressive. New technologies have their requirements, especially in the field of information technologies. The design has a significant impact on business, so it is important to discuss the main trends to sell Powerpoint templates online successfully.

Trends arise spontaneously following random innovations in the field of web design. They define culture differently, and following the tendencies ensures that you can be part of the system.

Tips to Build a Trendy Powerpoint Presentation Template

  • Typography. The font becomes the basis of the slide composition. Experiment with various fonts. Non-standard, "imperfect" fonts that stand out will be remembered due to their features. The text will have a gradient inside it. Ensure good contrast between the font color on the slide and the background color of the slide. Small contrast means poor readability.
  • Infographics, not graphs. The human brain processes visual information much faster than text information. Now we can see a stable trend of replacing graphs with full-fledged infographics with history and pictures.
  • "Airy" design. The brevity of Apple and the coolness of New York style lofts are replaced by asymmetry and airiness. Take your audience away from the mobile phone with a non-standard title layout or floating graphic elements that convey a sense of futurism and freedom.
  • Bright colors. Bright color combinations and gradients are getting more popular. They allow companies to show their style and be remembered.
  • Contrast and monochrome. The contrast trend offers more color and saturation for the background, while the content is in a lighter shade of the same color, or even more flashy color, neon, shiny. Along with the background color, titles, icons, and numbers on colorful base layers are still trendy. It all looks a bit retro.
  • 3D. Some designers devote all their energy to creating real masterpieces to achieve a full 3D immersion, while others create only the effect of 3D in the illustration, blowing up the commercial market.
  • Creative fonts. Let your imagination run wild. A creative font will attract attention and remain in the memory of customers for a long time.
  • Animation. Use animation to simplify surfing throughout the interface. For example, various indicators like loading objects, moving elements on the slide/image.
  • Asymmetry. Let parts of the text jump around the image and the font, expanding the borders both visually and mentally.

Essential Parts of a Good Powerpoint Template

Before exploring the options where to sell Powerpoint templates online, make sure your product includes all the essential parts.

  1. Master Slide. This is a crucial slide to use if you want all your slides to include the same multimedia elements. Define the graphic content, bullets, spacing of a text, the footers' location, and slide numbers. Master Slide will help you to avoid manual formatting on every slide.
  2. Fonts. You can change the default font Calibri and define any other font to match the niche's style and feel.
  3. Colors. If you want to add creativity to your Powerpoint template, you should avoid the default Microsoft colors and define custom ones.
  4. Effects. Play with a set of theme effects. They will influence fills, lines, shadows, bevels, and special effects of graphic objects created in PowerPoint.
  5. Custom Slide Layouts. Except for 9 standard layouts, you can add empty and custom slides for various corporate needs.

How to Sell Powerpoint Presentations

Once you have saved and packaged the slide files along with the .PSD source files (for modification goals), it is time to think about a few more points to get ready to sell Powerpoint presentations.

  • Add at least 256 characters of the product description. Make sure your description is relevant and error-free. Ideally, descriptions should not completely duplicate characteristics. They should provide the reader with additional useful information about the product. The more specific information about the product, the better.
  • Prepare quality images illustrating your Powerpoint template. Here are the requirements for images and promo materials.
  • Avoid any links leading to third parties. Please use English for the text content.
  • 5-6 words for a product title are enough. A unique, brandable title is required. Check out product naming guidelines for better understanding.
  • Write good and clear documentation explaining how to work with your Powerpoint template.
  • Such product details as keywords, meta title, and meta description will allow the search engine to get the necessary information about a particular web page. What does it mean for you? You will get more sales!

TemplateMonster Marketplace - A Perfect Platform to Sell Powerpoint Templates

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Become an Author

Any author of the presentation templates will wonder where to sell Powerpoint templates to get the most of this business. And we have an answer for you.

TemplateMonster is a world-famous company that successfully sells tons of powerful digital products. Regardless of your qualifications, the platform will be useful for you. There are tens of thousands of ready-made templates for different CMS, graphic elements, PSD layouts, plugins, valuable services, and more. With that in mind, TemplateMonster marketplace is a perfect place to monetize your templates and sell Powerpoint presentations with no hassle.

Top reasons to join the TemplateMonster marketplace:

  • This is a large ‘shopping mall’ with tons of traffic to sell Powerpoint templates online better.
  • You can focus on building the templates while the marketplace takes care of the fulfillment of your digital files, payments, and other issues.
  • You will learn and understand quality standards better. The TemplateMonster’s experts will give you feedback about the level of your expertise and the quality of your product.
  • Users' trust in large marketplaces is transferred to your brand. And reviews and ratings on the marketplace will only strengthen customer loyalty.
  • You will join the community of fellow designers and developers.
  • You will earn more with a convenient commission policy.

Are you inspired enough? Let’s go further and learn how to become an author of the TemplateMonster marketplace to sell Powerpoint templates.

The process is simple enough. Take a moment to register your User Account, and upload your project archive along with the product details. After, your products will be submitted for review, and TemplateMonster experts will get back to you with the feedback shortly.

Usually, it takes up to 12 hours to review digital products. In case an author has any questions, he can get quick responses from the Review Team reps via the ticket system.

Commission Policy

TemplateMonster’s authors can sell Powerpoint templates and get 65% commission from every sale for both exclusive and non-exclusive items. Moreover, you can decide on the cost of your products on your own. The recommended price for Powerpoint templates is $17 – $23, while the minimum price is $15.

When the template is sold through affiliate or partner platforms, the affiliate commission will be deducted from your product’s regular price. Your income will be calculated respectively to the promo [discount] and affiliate payouts costs.

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To set up the price for your Powerpoint template:

  • analyze the market;
  • evaluate the features you will offer;
  • calculate your expenses and efforts;

Promotional Tips to Sell Powerpoint Templates Successfully

You have just learned how to sell Powerpoint presentations online. Once your product is uploaded and the price is set, it is time to keep an eye on your traffic and sales templates.

TemplateMonster will promote your Powerpoint templates through its channels, but your template sales' great success depends on your efforts.

You should understand that your product will be placed next to similar products from other large and small brands. So, attracting new customers should come from different places to increase the conversion rate.

Follow these marketing tips to increase your sales results:

  • Promote in social media. Sales in social networks and marketplaces are not competitive. In fact, they complement each other. Let the world know about your product. Choose the platform with most of your target audience and advertise your Powerpoint templates there.
  • YouTube videos. YouTube is a perfect solution to show the best features of your products and increase sales.
  • Particulate in an affiliate program. Send traffic via referral links and receive an affiliate commission.
  • Share product reviews. Use topical blogs and forums to share more information about your templates.

The Newest Free And Premium PowerPoint Templates

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Well, you have just learned how to sell Powerpoint presentations online. The popularity of ready-made solutions keeps growing, so you should definitely give it a try. The process may seem quite complicated, but an average paycheck is worth trying. Follow the tips suggested and join the TemplateMonster community as an author. Today, TemplateMonster is a promising and functional channel for brand promotion and increasing sales. Do not miss out on your chance. Good luck, and enjoy your sales.

How to Sell Powerpoint Presentations Online FAQ

What is a Powerpoint template?

A Powerpoint template is a prototype of a slide or a group of slides saved with .potx file extension. Such a file usually includes all the pre-designed multimedia elements and sometimes content. You can either create your own template or choose from hundreds of pre-designed free or premium templates.

How to sell Powerpoint templates at the TemplateMonster marketplace?

Join a talented team of authors at the TemplateMonster marketplace. Create and verify your account, your Powerpoint templates, and wait for the approval from the TemplateMonster’s experts.

What functionality should my PowerPoint presentation template include?

It depends on the topic of your template. The major features of PowerPoint templates that you can find in the TemplateMonster marketplace include multipurpose designs, theme color switcher, extra pages layouts, Retina-ready layout, long-term support, etc.

How often should I release updates for my PowerPoint templates?

There are no strict rules on how often Authors should release updates for their products. However, if you release updates at least once per month you will attract more buyers to try the advanced functionality of your premium items.

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