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A narrative outline is a tool used to organize the structure and content of a story or text. It is similar to an outline for a research paper, but rather than outlining the main points and subpoints of an argument, a narrative outline outlines the plot and character development of a story.

There are many different ways to create a narrative outline, and the specific format will depend on the needs and preferences of the writer. However, there are some common elements that are typically included in a narrative outline.

Here are some examples of narrative outlines:

Example 1:

I. Introduction

  • Introduce the main character and the setting of the story
  • Establish the conflict or problem that the main character will face

II. Rising Action

  • Describe the events that lead up to the climax of the story
  • Develop the characters and their relationships
  • Introduce any subplots or secondary conflicts

III. Climax

  • Describe the turning point of the story
  • Reveal any important information or plot twists

IV. Falling Action

  • Describe the events that follow the climax
  • Resolve any subplots or secondary conflicts
  • Show how the main character has changed or grown as a result of their experiences

V. Conclusion

  • Bring the story to a satisfying resolution
  • Reflect on the themes or lessons learned by the main character

Example 2:

I. Introduction

  • Set the stage for the story, including the time and place
  • Introduce the main character and any other important characters
  • Establish the main conflict or problem that the story will explore

Formatting In Your Outline (Microsoft Word)

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (1)

This tip 12610 applies to Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Word in Microsoft 365. For a version of this tip written specifically for earlier versions of Word, click here: Normally, Word tries to display on the screen what you would see when you print your document. An outline is an organized framework for a paper, speech, essay or other document. Align like-numbered or like-lettered headings under one another. Following is an example of where the text for "2. While topic outlines often seem precise and formal, they should be treated as part of the writing process. Developing such an outline can help you arrive at a satisfying plan for arranging your ideas.


How to Format a Sermon Outline

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (2)

For instance, an individual giving a sales pitch to a potential customer may try to persuade them to buy their company's new product or sign up for a free demo. It's important that your conclusion support your thesis and addresses your initial argument. Use an attention grabber When planning your presentation, think about how you want to open it. Consider whether you want it to be handwritten or digital and if you want it to be decimal or alphanumeric. In this book, Josh takes you on a tour of the hearts and minds of teens and how to best reach them. The only rule is that there should be two or more sub-points on each level.


How To Write an Outline (Plus Template and Example)

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (3)

Your topic may be based on an assignment or could stem from a personal goal. They're particularly important if you specialize in communications or any field in which communication is a priority. Sometimes this changes by the seasons in your life. Career officers are expected to entertain. If you need to have everything really thought through before you speak, then maybe a manuscript is best.


Creating an Outline

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (4)

Simply click that Show Document Outline icon to view it again. Examine each heading to see if it needs to be strengthened or elaborated, if it repeats or overlaps another heading, or if it is unrelated to the central idea. For example, a nonprofit that builds wells for impoverished communities may give a presentation to persuade listeners to donate money. Pastoring is one of the hardest jobs… but you are not alone. Commenting privileges may be curtailed if inappropriate images are posted. Jot down your ideas, important bits of research, and any questions you might want answered. Writing an outline can take place at any time during the writing process.


How to Use the Document Outline in Google Docs

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (5)

However, many times you are preparing them for yourself, either to help you complete an assignment or to help you accomplish a goal. After these changes have been made, and after some headings have been reworded to make them parallel in form, the final outline might look like this: Thesis statement: Despite problems with living conditions and finances, college men and women can find satisfactory careers in the army. Include a call to action Brainstorm a creative call to action that can inspire your audience to perform your desired response. For these reasons, all varieties of organizations and institutions work with outlines. Are you quick on your feet? An essay looks like a mere piece of paper one page or several pages with an organized text.


How to Make an Outline in Word

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (6)

When I orginally created the outline, all of the text looked and lined up great. Let your audience know what they get from performing the action. This statement is the basis for your title and the ideas listed in the document. You can also use the double arrow buttons to promote a topic directly to Level 1, the highest outline level, or demote it all the way to body text. THE WRITING PROCESS Developing a Formal Outline An outline should represent a writer's best effort to explore a subject, to break it into parts, to arrange ideas, and to test out possible strategies of organization for the purpose of clarity. Presentation outlines also help speakers gather information to present their ideas.


How To Create an Effective Presentation Outline

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (7)

Division: Informational Breakdown Keep in mind that the outline is not the ultimate purpose. Aren't officers given allowances for their uniforms? Then, allow the outlining process to help you structure your work. For a creative project, you might write down scene ideas or plot points. In planning a long paper, especially one involving research, you will most likely want to make a formal outline that functions as a topic outline or sentence outline. Consider visual content Think about whether you want to add images, videos or other visual content to your presentation.


How to Write an Outline: Alphanumeric, Decimal, & Full

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (8)

Others should take minimal notes with them to ensure they are personal, free-flowing and natural, never reading aloud, laborious page-after-page. A decimal outline looks very similar to an alphanumeric outline. Related: The Writing Process: Over 45 Tips on Writing 2. I used the same "Heading 3" for both the number "1. If someone asked you to take a passage and give a devotional thought without notice, could you do it? It is only the preparation for the writing.


How to Write an Outline (with Pictures)

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (9)

There are many times that "pretty" formatting can detract from the work you want to do when in Outline view. Related: FAQ: What Is an Outline Used For Why should you create a presentation outline? THE WRITING PROCESS Guidelines for Outlining Outlining is generally considered to be a particularly useful activity in academic writing as a means to help structure and organize the content of your paper and to visualize the logical progression of your argument. This is awesome when working with lengthy reports because it works just like a In addition, the Document Outline can help you keep track of where you are in your file. Promoting a topic moves it to a higher outline level, moving it one spot to the left, while demoting a topic moves it to a lower outline level, one spot to the right. Other visual content to consider is the type of font and colors you use for the text in your slides.


Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College

How to format an outline. Developing a Formal Outline — Hunter College. 2022-11-07 (10)

For example, you might write your outline in shorthand. Decimal outlines are effective for showing relationships between the main points and sub-topics, while alphanumeric outlines give you a simple way to frame ideas and categorize supporting topics. For in-class writing and short papers, division by two levels of headings is usually sufficient. You may also want to write down how long each section takes to present. To find this, think about what you want your audience to obtain or support after your discussion.

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