CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development (2023)

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RQF Level: 7

Total credit value: 120 credits

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CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development (3)

What to expect from this course

If you are an experienced people practitioner and are keen to develop the strategic development skills needed to lead and influence others, the Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development is right for you.

This qualification has eight units in total. The first four are core units based on the CIPD Profession Map, the next three will help you develop specialist L&D knowledge, and then the final choice is an optional unit which you can select from a variety of topics. This diploma can take as little as twelve months to complete and leads to CIPD Chartered Membership.

We are one of the few CIPD centres that offer the full range of L&D units and you’ll be taught by experts with years of experience in Learning & Development.

You can start any time and work at your own pace by taking advantage of our fully flexible HR and L&D online training or enjoy live virtual learning sessions at our renowned facilitated workshops.

Delivery and pricing

You can choose from a range of study modes based on how you learn best.

What does your pathway to being CIPD qualified look like?

Your learning journey for this CIPD level 7 course in Strategic Learning and Development will typically last up to 24 months but could be completed in much less time than this.

You’ll start by completing the induction for your programme so you can get to grips with what’s to come. This will involve:

  • Accessing the learner community and online resources

  • Receiving your handbook

  • Being introduced to your personal adviser

  • Exploring your unit workbooks

  • Accessing study skills webinars

You’ll be able to study at your own pace, anywhere anytime, with our Virtual Learning Environment. Generally, learners spread the eight units over 24 months spending three or four months on each unit. The actual pace will be dictated by your chosen method of delivery and personal circumstances.

Over the course of this time, you may attend live online workshops and webinars, have one-to-one catch ups with your adviser, join online discussions and regularly receive course materials in the form of articles, activities and videos.

Study support

We’re with you every step of the way

How to apply

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We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision about studying for your qualification. If you are still unsure which course of level of study is right for you, a personal consultation with one of our specialist advisers will help determine both the right level of qualification, and the right delivery method to suit your learning style and circumstances.

List of units

Four core units

Work and Working Lives in a Changing Business Environment (7CO01)

Credits: 15

People Management and Development Strategies for Performance (7CO02)

Credits: 15

Personal Effectiveness, Ethics and Business Acumen (7CO03)

Credits: 15

Business Research in People Practice (7CO04)

Credits: 15

Plus three specialist units

Organisational Design and Development (7LD01)

Credits: 15

Leadership and Management Development in Context (7LD02)

Credits: 15

Designing Learning to Improve Performance (7LD03)

Credits: 15

Plus one additional specialist unit

Advanced Employment Law in Practice (7OS01)

Credits: 15

Technology Enhanced Learning (7OS03)

Credits: 15

Advanced Diversity and Inclusion (7OS04)

Credits: 15

(Video) CIPD Level 7 Diploma in Strategic People Management

Managing People in an International Context (7OS05)

Credits: 15

Well-Being at Work (7OS06)

Credits: 15

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development (4)

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CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development (5)

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Why choose us for this qualification?

We’re Learning and Development experts and will guide you through the process of getting CIPD qualified. When you learn with us you’ll get access to:

  • CIPD qualified tutors with strategic and practical HR & L&D experience

  • The full range of CIPD modules with a mixed mode approach

  • 24/7 support via our Virtual Learning Environment

  • A dedicated personal adviser to support you throughout your programme

  • A range of learning options and start dates

  • A flexible interest-free payment plan for all certificates and diplomas (up to 12 months)

  • Downloadable courses materials and supporting resources

Sandra S

7 Mar 2023

CIPD qualifications

The training was very informative and relevant to the module requirements. The guidance provided further understanding of what was expected to pass. The use of breakout rooms was an opportunity to meet other students and discuss core questions. The whole session was open to interaction and Dianne gave multiple opportunities for us to ask further questions if we were unsure. Dianne also gave some of her time after the session if anybody wanted a private 1-2-1. I'm feeling far more confident.

Luisa G

7 Mar 2023

CIPD qualifications

This is a confusing course - but Dianne is an amazing teacher. This is my second training with her- but her friendliness and knowledge are incredibly supportive to more confused students.

Sophie O

26 Feb 2023

CIPD qualifications

I found that I understood some sections of the course better than others, and found more tasks more enjoyable to complete than others. As I am not employed in a HR environment I found some of the content challenging,as I would not experience or be expected to complete the tasks set in some of the hyperthetical scenerios in my day to day role. I would probably choose to specialise in well-being and staff engagement in a HR setting, as I felt more interesting and enthuastic about those particular subjects.

(Video) Expert Advice on studying CIPD Level 7 Qualification

Suzanne W

23 Feb 2023

CIPD qualifications

Really enjoy how Lorraine delivers her courses, very well planned with lots of discussion and breakout activities which are actually useful when it comes to the assignments.

Joanna C

23 Feb 2023

CIPD qualifications

Really helpful in understanding the requirements of Task 2 for the assignment

Suzanne W

7 Feb 2023

CIPD qualifications

This is my 4th course and has been the best one so far for me. I felt fully engaged, the flow and pace was just right and the breakout sessions were really useful.

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