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The OSU Bursar Office in Tulsa serves students at OSU-Tulsa and OSU Center for Health Sciences.

Bursar Account View and Payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What form of payment does OSU accept online?

    The Bursar online payment system will accept Mastercard, Discover, American Express and web check.

  • Do you offer an installment plan?

    Yes. You can divide your balance into five, four or three installments. Each installment will be due on the 15th of every month. The first payment depends on which plan you select. Learn more about the Payment Option Plan. Not available for Summer terms.

  • How do I view my Bursar bill?

    Log in to the OSU Bursar website. On the Bursar website, each fee is individually listed. Historical billing information dating back to September 2001 is also available to print

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  • When is my Bursar bill due?
    • Tuition and fee charges for the Fall Semester are due by Sept. 15. Electronic notices are sent to the student's OSU e-mail address the first week of September for the first billing statement of the Fall semester.
    • Tuition and fee charges for the Spring Semester are due by Feb. 15. Electronic notices are sent to the student's OSU e-mail address the first week of February for the first billing statement of the Spring semester.
    • Each subsequent month, electronic notices are sent for bursar billing statements that detail additional transactions on the bursar account. Balances should be paid by the 15th of each month. A finance charge of 1.5% will be assessed for past due charges.
  • How will I receive any refund?

    Refund checks are mailed bi-weekly to the local address listed in myOKSTATE. To receive your funds faster, sign up for direct deposit. Direct deposit will transfer any overpayment of the Bursar account to your bank account within 48 hours.

  • What is Direct Deposit?

    Direct Deposit is a banking term used to refer to the transfer of funds that are paid directly to your checking or savings account rather than issuing you a paper check. Log in to myOKSTATE, click eRefund under Payment Info, select eRefunds tab and then set up an account. (See more information on the OSU Office of the Bursar website.) Direct deposit will transfer any overpayment of the Bursar account to your bank account within 48 hours.

  • What is a 1098-T and why do I need one?

    This form is intended to assist you or your parents in the preparation of your federal income tax return. The University sends them out to assist you in preparing your taxes and reports the information to the Internal Revenue Service. Your accountant, tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service can best advise you in the utilization of this form when preparing your taxes. View this publication from the IRS for more information.

  • How do I obtain my 1098-T?

    All 1098T forms are mailed to the billing address listed in SIS and are postmarked by January 31. You may also print a 1098T online from the OSU Bursar page. Log in to the page, click on 1098T information, and select the year you need.

  • Can I charge books to my Bursar Account?

    In order to charge books to your account in Tulsa, you must have financial aid that will more than cover your tuition and fees. Any overage can be used to obtain a book voucher. See the Financial Aid office for details.

  • How do I authorize others (parent) to view my Bursar bill online?
    • Go to the OSU Bursar page login.

    • Enter your O-Key login

    • Click "Bursar Guest Login"

    • Create a guest login and password to provide to your guest.

    • Select the access you want for your guest by clicking "Manage Guest Login."

Bursar - Tulsa Office

OSU-Tulsa North Hall

Student Union


8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone 918-594-8320

Fax 918-594-8317


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Bursar - Tulsa - Oklahoma State University (2024)
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